April 15, 2006

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Magnius Yggdrasill (May the world burn by my hand, and may Rudri live forever.)
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)


Offworld expedition needs people for scouting mission. If interested, meet at the Dancing Draco at 1:30, ask for Tovin.

Plot Synopsis

The Adventurers meet at the Dancing Draco at the correct time and are met by Tovin, the researcher and archaeologist, who explains that he and his crew are doing some exploration on a different world. At the location of a large tower, which they are urged to stay away from, two tunnels have been exposed, one leading east, the other south. The research team is going to follow the east tunnel, while the group would follow the south one. They are to take notes and report on whatever they see. The group agrees and is taken offworld via a portal, finding themselves on an extremely dry planet, and they travel out to the tunnel opening, noticing the odd positioning of the planet’s moon, which Gideon tries to interpolate.

They arrive at the tunnel opening, met by the other scouting team, who they part ways with, heading south. The tunnel is made of metal, with a wide pipe running down the middle. The pipe covering is a dark metal with slats of glowing blue upon it. Periodically, they find pipe supports with panels of glowing symbols upon them, which react differently when touched. Multiple ‘button pushing’ doesn’t cause any serious reaction, so they continue. After a day of travel, they find themselves in a section of a large underground complex, a large room with broad vertical cylinders and round pedestals that bring up hovering displays when touched. Each display shows the positions of each group member even as they move. They continue, finding smaller rooms, one containing a display of dots connecting to a representation of the tower. Magnius starts fiddling with things and all of a sudden, a loud humming is heard, building up, before dying off quickly. Magnius is warned not to touch anything else. The group also finds what look like living quarters, and from the orientation of the furniture, the former inhabitants of this world were short in appearance and had tails. A glowing red light is spotted coming down the tunnel, and shortly after, some sort of hovering metal pod with a red dot on it appears, pointing at each of the group. Tanis grapples it, but doesn’t do much, letting go as the device heads back down the tunnel. They follow it, finding the end of a tunnel at a T junction. The left branch has collapsed, but the right branch contains a small room with a section of blank wall. Shortly after, a projection of a short reptilian creature appears, speaking at first in a different language, but eventually speaking in broken Paroli. He explains that he is Ardak, the caretaker of this place. He explains about the tower, how long ago his people found a meteor, containing a toxic substance, on a collision course with their planet. If it impacted, the water would be poisoned and all would die. So the water was moved via the tower into space, as many people as possible hiding in underground shelters. Afterwards, the water did not come back down, and many died. Ardak explains that the 30,000 Xatiiri, the name of the inhabitants, in suspension have only 21 cycles left until expiring, and that the damage within the tower, preventing it from operating correctly, must be repaired. He asks to speak with the archaeology team as soon as possible. The group returns to the meeting point to find Tovin, and explain what has happened here, and some offer to assist with any later efforts. Tovin is a bit taken aback by this, but agrees that he must speak with Ardak as soon as possible. The group is paid 200 silver each, and return to Jaern.

EXP: 2500

EXP: 2800

Noteworthy Postgame Events