April 08, 2006

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Magnius Yggdrasill (May the world burn by my hand, and may Rudri live forever.)
General Dagen


People needed for a special escort mission. Unusual conditions apply. If interested, come to the Selenic compound at the Portal Farm at noon.

Plot Synopsis

The group arrives at the Selenic compound on time, and the doors are opened at noon. After some initial security screening, they are allowed in, and escorted into the building at the center of the compound. A military officer by the name of General Dagen says that in the war on Aileron, the Selenic forces are moving a new model of airship to a different base for some initial trials. They want the transport to be low profile, as to keep the notion of the craft under wraps. Rather than deploying a full escort wing, they want a few resourceful adventurers on board. He states that the trip will take two days to the base, and then two days back. Payment will be 300 silver if no enemy contact is made, and 500 for hazard pay, should trouble arise. The group agrees, and is taken through the portal to the Selenic hub, and then on to Aileron. There, they board the new vessel, which departs at once.

There is little activity for the first day, aside from some random button pushing from Tanis. On the next day, the vessel enters a large cloud bank, and the craft slows in the interest of safety. However, they come into a break in the clouds and find themselves pointed directly at one of the feared massive Talarian flagships, which has somehow snuck past the front lines. They immediately move to retreat, but notice that unlike normal airships, this one is not supported by a gas bag, and there seems to be no incoming fire. Tanis cautiously flies back over to take a look, but finds no one on board, and no one manning the weapons. He spots several Talarian bodies, and then returns.

They decide that this might be worth investigating, and possibly trying to salvage. They cautiously go aboard, finding the ship seemingly devoid of life. A few more corpses are found, and many bear odd looking burns. In the aft quarter, they run into several apparent survivors, who attack. Tanis manages to deal with some of them, and Magnius sets a couple, as well as the wall, on fire. Eventually all of the Talarians are dealt with, though one remains unaccounted for, having escaped during the fighting. In the aft quarter, the group finds two enormous golden stingray-like creatures, which the Selenic identify as Solar Stingrays, which, up until now, were suspected to be mythical. The living Stingray communicates telepathically with Vieten, telling him that they had been captured and were what was keeping the ship aloft. The dead ray, called Movan, sacrificed himself to kill the Talarians. The ship then begins to make strange noises, and everyone quickly bolts, save a few who free the living ray, called Muurin, who flies them out. Muurin deposits them back on their ship, after expressing his gratitude, flying off.

The group completes the original mission, delivering the vessel, and then are flown back to the portal platform, where they return to Jaern, being paid 500 silver each.

EXP: 2800

Noteworthy Postgame Events