April 08, 2006

Game Start Date
Game Master
Kat McConnell
Galiena (Hey, hands off, or I'll add you to the list...)


Help needed for off world exploration and transportation. Meet at the Stopover Inn at 10 am, ask for Kay.

Plot Synopsis

Dalia and Galiena both got notes from Kirney with the hook and a message saying that Soria would appreciate their help in this matter. Galiena grabbed Dhago and drug him to the mission. Bethany answered the posting.

Kirney filled Bethany in on the nature of the world they were going to. Namely that magic doesn’t work properly, but it shouldn’t matter because their mission was to explore to find a safe place to move those living in Soria’s village. They were told their primary mission was to explore a cave system to access its viability as a residence and if there was time, to explore the surrounding areas to see if other options were available. Payment was to be 100 silver up front with 300 after. The group split up to buy gear and met back up at the Inn

Kirney lead them to a small building that houses an unstable portal. Kirney revealed that she has been studying to stabilize magic as much as she can to increase the effectiveness of spells on her world. She can also use this skill to stabilize the portal such that they can make it through with a smaller risk of detrimental effects than just hopping through. Since high level magics are very dangerous to cast on her world she casts a shadow terrodraco to speed their travel. She said that it may not make it through the portal in tact but if it does then it could cut days off the travel time. She meditates in front of the portal for several minutes, the portal stabilizes and she tells everyone, draco included, to go through the portal as quickly as possible. Everyone, draco included, made it through safely.

The group climbed onto the draco and was on their way. After about three hours of travel they came to the approximate spot of the caves. It took them a while to find the entrance to the cave, but they found it. Kirney confessed she needed a nap, so they set up camp for the afternoon. After a nap and a bit of hunting, the group established a marching order, lit a couple torches and decided since it was dark in the caves anyway, not to wait for morning to explore.

The entrance sloped downward and ended in a small, shallow pool. A passage sloped back up then steeply down again such that a rope system was created so no one would fall. The grade leveled off a bit and the passage widened out into a low room with a passage going either left or right. The left lead to another low room adjacent to the first and the right meandered about for a bit before going down and opening to a very large room with a pond in the center that turned into a bit of a creak leading deeper into the cave. A low passage off the pond room leads to a rock chimney and a lower room where bats resided. The creak went farther into the cave before dropping down a hole (naturally made) The passage continues to another large open room. The creak hole was explored to find a large underground lake that leads off farther than they were willing to go. Galiena discovered the lake was spring fed.

After exploring the pond room they found a small hole in the ceiling lead to the outside. They decided to make camp for the night in the pond room. On third watch, the bats came back, through the hole they had found. The bats began circling around the room and the party was attacked. Galiena was the one on watch at the time and managed to wake up all but Dalia and Kirney. They proceeded to defend themselves from the bats and eventually got as low to the ground as possible until they had gone back to their part of the cave. Galiena had been hit in the face and broken her jaw and Dhago had been hit in the back of the neck and had it broken. Kirney put a splint on Dhago’s head while Galiena wrapped her face up.

They carried Dhago out of the cave and traveled to Soria’s village, something they had been hoping to avoid. Dhago and Galiena were treated by Soria. Dhago needed a week to heal before he would be able to travel at all. In the mean time Bethany helped in hunting parties and the others mingled. Dalia, Bethany, and Kirney traveled back to the caves so Dalia could attempt to burn out the bats. After several attempts she managed to whitefire the bat’s room and kill off most of them. By the time they returned from the caves, Dhago was ready to go.

They returned to Jaern via the portal stabilized by Kirney. The party was then paid the remaining 300 silver.

2500 experience was rewarded.

Noteworthy Postgame Events