April 01, 2006

Game Start Date
Game Master
Kat McConnell
Galiena (Hey, hands off, or I'll add you to the list...)


Help needed to escort guests. Non-magic users preferred but all others still welcome. Meet at the Stopover Inn at 10 am, ask for Leph.

Plot Synopsis

Leph informed the group that where they were going had magic troubles and that spell casters, especially priests, would be of little use as their spells usually wouldn’t be what was cast. They were also warned that effect items might be affected as well. The party was given time to prepare but was told to meet back in an hour because they had a rather narrow time frame to travel via portal.

Their mission is to escort a woman, the defacto leader of the village by the name of Soria, from her town to a meeting place and back safely. She may not wish to accompany the group but it is an important meeting and she must attend. The party is urged to get her there with as little incident as possible but to make sure she gets there. A payment of 200 silver was agreed upon. Travel time each way was to be approximately five days. Several members of the party had the plague to deal with. Leph told them that they would probably be able to get some in the village, the leader had a way with that sort of thing. But in case they could not get any there, he would arrange for something to be waiting for them at the meeting place.

They were lead to a small building in the portal farm. The portal appeared unstable but at a prearranged time it stabilized somewhat and the group went through without incident.
The group was told the best way to get to the village and how to get to the meeting place. Leph then parts ways with the group.

Travel to the village is relatively uneventful, mainly hunting of random woodland creatures via bow, pinching one another via sleight of hand, or harassing random woodland creatures by sneaking off to cast spells at them in hopes of finding out if spells transfer in any disenable pattern. On the third day they reached the village. On the way in they are stopped an asked their purpose, then told to wait. A woman by the name of Kirney comes to meet them to get a more specific reason. Dalia convinces Kirney to let her speak to Soria on behalf of the party.
Dalia had worked with Soria before on a recovery mission. Soria did not wish to go with them and did not trust the purpose of the meeting. Dalia convinced Soria to accompany them to the meeting by way of ensuring her safe passage back to the village. The agreement included the party being paid 200 silver a person to ensure Soria would be allowed to return from the meeting safely. A healing elixir was also arranged by Soria for those members of the party affected by the plague.

After about two days of travel they reached the meeting point, a clearing in the woods that a pavilion tent had been set up in. Leph provided the party with the agreed upon healing. The party was asked to wait a distance away from the tent during the meeting. The meeting took a few hours with raised voices being heard every now and again. After the meeting the group was sent on their way and Leph told them that he would meet them at the portal in 5 days.

They went back to the village and were paid. Soria thanked them and made arrangements to be able to contact Dalia and Galiena, should she need their help. They then went back toward the portal.

Aside from an incident with Dhago and a badger, the trip back was uneventful. Leph was waiting for them at the portal with their payment. The portal stabilized later that afternoon and the party went back to Jaern.

2500 experience was awarded

Noteworthy Postgame Events