October 04, 2005

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Jonathan Sutcliffe
Musang Dumog (Black Ops)
Kira Jackson
D'leyna Ciedrith (Mini tank/lawnmower, famous for her omnipresent golf bag o' weapons.)
Evann (Left early)
Mike (Left early)
Steve Rogers
Dr. Miko
Crazy Old Man


Good, honest, and hard-working personnel wanted to guard or protect. Ask for Arthur at the Stockade!

Plot Synopsis

The party arrives at the Stockade and meets Arthur. Arthur informs them that they will need to escort Guinevere on a 6-8 day journey back to her home and agrees to pay 500 silver plus hazard pay. Arthur also tells the party that the road currently holds unusual dangers and creatures that have been attacking travelers.
Before leaving for Arthur's castle, the party was told to wait in a bar. A group of nomads took advantage of Evann and Steve, slipping them concoctions that turned them into a large grape and a large banana. Once this condition was cured, the group proceeded to the castle and began the journey.
The first day passed uneventfully. On the second day, a group of strange humanoids was spotted following far behind the party. The figures closed the distance in unusual periodic jumps and engaged the party. After numerous ineffective attacks, the party began to scramble. It was discovered that the zombies could not leave the road. Before everyone could flee, Reficul and Steve Rodgers, who took the fate of Kira, were slain. The bodies were unable to be retrieved by the party's means. In a plea for help, the party called for out crazy old man. He appeared and he placed Musang on the road, who was quickly struck down. He then listened to the party's explanation of the road, and was able to destroy the road, freeing the trapped souls. Merlin then took the three corpses back to Arthur's Castle.
Kira, Dr. Miko, and Guinevere then finished the journey peacefully and without incident. Arthur met the remaining party members and paid them 1000 silver apiece. He offered to have two of the fallen party members resurrected who had proven themselves to worthy of the offer, so Steve and Reficul, who were selected by the party, were revived.

EXP - 2800
Payment - 1000 silver to Kira and Dr. Miko.

Noteworthy Postgame Events