December 17, 2005

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Barry (Hmm... You don't look so well. Would you prefer burial or cremation?)
Fred (He hates everything!)


People needed to get rid of an anti-progress nuisance who has plagued me for far too long.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers arrive at the tavern promptly to find a fat man with a large orange moustache in the meeting room. He states that his name is Ivo and he is a scientist/inventor from another plane, where he likes to build artificial life forms called robots. He says that he is plagued by small person with blue hair and spikes who continually destroys his work. He says that every time he tries to get the aggravator, he just loses, so this time he’s hiring out. If the group can capture this ‘Sonic’, he’ll pay them each 400 silver. They agree, and he leads them through a portal, where they find themselves in a long metal hallway with a row of huge metal rings on each side. He says that he doesn’t know where the target is, but Sonic’s sidekick can be found at a place called Green Hill. He says that the group should have little trouble extracting Sonic’s whereabouts from him. They agree, and Ivo switches on one of the rings, which turns into a portal of sorts. They step through to find themselves in a series of green hills, with the landscape dominated by odd shaped geometry, and floating gold rings that can be found occasionally. Following the standard adventurer format of grabbing anything potentially valuable that isn’t nailed down, they grab every ring they find. Amongst the hills, they encounter some strange metal jumping fish, one of which is killed, and when it dies, a small bird flies out. This raises questions. Eventually, they find a small fox-like person, who is immediately grabbed by Meister. They demand to know where Sonic is, and when he asks why, they state that Ivo sent them. Tails says that Ivo is really evil and turning cute little animals into evil robots. Barry ruminates on whether or not this is the kind of thing Anubis would want, and on the true meaning of death. Finally, they decide to go find Sonic and just talk to him, and maybe tell him that Ivo is after him. Tails says Sonic should be at a place called Casino Night. They smuggle him along in a bag. They return to the hub and tell Ivo, who opens another gate, this time to a golden-metal lined place filled with flashing lights. The group thinks this place is especially bizarre, especially when they encounter the adventurer-launching pinball mechanism, sending them through a series of bumpers, flippers, slots, and finally up to higher levels. They finally find Sonic, who verifies what Tails said. They try to convince Sonic to come along in a bag so they can give him to Ivo, and then jump him. Sonic reluctantly agrees, until Meister makes a few unwise comments about changing their minds, at which point Sonic breaks out and vanishes. They decide to go back and kill the employer anyway, having Tails pretend to be a hypnotized zombie.

They arrive back, telling Ivo that Sonic got away, but hey got his sidekick. As Ivo goes to examine their catch, they all jump him and kill him quite easily. After he dies, they prepare to loot the complex, but suddenly the floor lurches, and they determine this is some sort of floating fortress, which has now become unstable, and they retreat for the portal. Meister tries to bring Tails along by force, Barry paralyzes the marine and sets Tails free before they all return quickly to Jaern.

Noteworthy Postgame Events