November 26, 2005

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Mark Hulsman
Fred (He hates everything!)
Eldain (Ask about my new methods of avoiding those troublesome spells!)
Dan's Auger
A firemage
Some archeologist


Adventures needed to help me explore an old temple I found. People who can breathe water or cast water breathing spells get paid extra.

Plot Synopsis

The characters met the employer at a really crappy tavern near the docks in Rougtero. He told thrm that he found an underwater temple on one of his extraplanar explorations and needs help exploring it. He said he would pay 500 silver and an extra 500 for people who could cast water breathing spells or breath water so that he wouldn't have to pay for as many. He explained that they would tkae his Elsewhale to the place and told the party what that was but they didn't believe him so they followed him down to the docks.
When they got to the docks they saw there was a small whale pulled up next to one of them. The employer whistled some commands to it and it opened its mouth and it had a bubble of air there. The party was eventually convinced to climb in its mouth and the whale swam out. Then it otherported to another plane and was in a deep ocean area. After swimmming for a while the party got to the temple they were looking for.
They got their water breathing spells cast and swam down to the temple with Eldain scouting ethereally. The entrance passage was blocked by a big chuck of ice which turned out to be an Ice Elemental. It hit Eldain with hot or cold but that didn't do anything since he was ethereal. Then it did the same to Fred but his magic ward stopped it. And then the party finished it off.
They moved further in and found an area with air on the other side. They moved through the barrier and the firemage took some damage as some water was forced out of his body when he crossed it. They continued on and found some traps. Then they got to a room with a fountain and three other exits. Three dead bodies rose out of the pool around the fountain and attacked. They were a Water Krag and two Kraglings. The Krag filled Eldain's lungs with water and he began drowning. The party eventually finished them off and foudn some gems in the pool. The water mage that was hired to cast water breathing spells cast evaporate on Eldain to save him from dying from the water he couldn't get out of his lungs.
The party looked down one of the hallways and saw a shadowy image of Dan's Auger moving around down there. They investigated and saw nothing and then Dan made the image reappear. After messing with that for a while they investigated the room and found a sarcaphogous with a skeleton in it. The hallway behind them filled with a phantasmal conflagration and another image of Dan's Auger appeared to talk to them, this time not controlled by Dan. They talked with it while Dan's auger played with the skeleton. He was phantasmally obliterated and transmogged to try to get him to stop, but he wouldn't. The creature messing was a Dhaot and it appeared to ask them to tkae its body to its home. The party decided to keep exploring and come back, but Dan took the bones and told the Dhaot if he helped him then he would take the body back.
Eldain explored another hall way and found some zombies and ignored them, but then Dan's auger's image appeared in the middle of them so Eldain fireballed them. They then went down the last hallway and foudn some big doors engraved with lots of evil symbols. Eldain scouted ahead and found two large undead insects and a shadowy figure in a large room lit by a couple of torches. It was two Scarlet Warden's and a Dusk Beast. The party eventually opened the doors and fought them for a while eventually overcoming them. Then they finished looting and left.

After getting home Dan's auger took the Dhaot's bones as his payment and went to mess with them. He tried to convince the dhaot to work for him for a year and then he would take him home, but it refused since Dan had already tormented it a lot. It phantasmally transmogged Dan's auger into an oorn and phantasmally earthboned him. Then it phantasmally mutated him from several ranks of distinctive odor. Eventually Dan ground up its bones into dust and dumped the dust into a well near the temple of Anubis in Rougtero. The dhaot now hangs around that temple annoying people that walk by with its illusions and trying to get them to take its body home, which is now a very difficult task since its body is bone dust mixed into the mud in the well. The anubisities delivered it once or twice to try to send it to the afterlife but it just keeps reappearing a few days later.

Noteworthy Postgame Events