March 05, 2005

Game Master
Random Adventurers


You've decided to take a week off from adventuring. You are vacationing on New Jersey when...

Plot Synopsis

A few adventurers decided to partake in some drinking, few others were walking on a beach, and a last adventurer was partaking in a game of dice in the alley behind the bar. Two unfortunate adventurers lost some silver due to pick pockets in the bar, a helpful patron told them they were being stolen from, one adventurer just sat there, other took up chase. the 2nd pick pocket was running out back when tripped and relieved by some of his wealth by the gambler, after which the pick pocket disappeared through a portal he created at the end of the alley.

After the ensuing commotion, our beach walkers came to the bar to see what was up. After finding there was nothing to do, adventurers started drinking, partially funded by wealth retrieved from the pick pocket. After consuming many drinks and some bear/bunny weed. A few nomads feel the need to bring the party up a notch. A couple of spirit excanges, a couple of love potions, and a troubadour deciding that it would be a good time for a giant orgy.

Next morning, several adventures find themselves in odd postions, due to spirit exchange, and getting to drunk to remeber why he was naked in an animal enclosure. The adventures soon find out that there were other wierd things happening all over new jersy the night before: people praying to the Volcano, a near war outside of the temple of Zeferin (which aided in having no casualties), an entire block of people going crazy. Due to an adventurer contact, on of the adventure found some hints about the cause, it seemed that a person in purple pants was some how the cause. Soon, a group of several hundred people tightly crowded together began shouting about the end of the world, a blue field quickly ended the cacophony. The adventures convened at the spot, and a man with purple pants was spotted. After some silliness, mostly caused by the man in purple pants, he introduced himself as Loki, a mild mannered trickster whose mother was demonic spawn in the form of a donkey, and only said his father was a divine being. Loki proceeds to tell the adventures that he like Jaern, and that he thinks that he will stay a while. The adventures unsuccessfully try to convince him to leave. More silliness ensues.

Notable events: two pregnancies

GM's note: an infestation of termits with small purple spots invade Lintree (sp?) for a week, leaving the trees themselves untouched but devouring much of the housing in them. Any elf that fell from damage incurred by the termites, seemed to have cushion at that exact moment. At the end of the week a circus visited Lintree, and entertained the spirits of the very upset elves. The Circus' Ring Master offered to help rebuild the city, the rebuilding took record time due to the help of the circus' performers talents and animals, work is due to be completed at the end of the month. The Ring Master had purple pants...

Advertisement: Come See the Greatest Circus ever!!! Animals, and performers from exotic dimensions, games, music, and entertainment, fun for all ages and races!!!! Meet us under the Purple Tent, coming soon to an Island near you.

Noteworthy Postgame Events