March 05, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Fred (He hates everything!)


Looking for people to help retrieve a book. Danger possible. If interested seek Demeter at Accelor Shots by 3pm.

Plot Synopsis

As the group arrives Demeter precedes to chat with the people he has met with before and gets introduced to Fred. Once three O'clock rolls around Demeter heads back to his usual booth with all the interested persons in tow. He then goes on to explain that he needs a book retrieved and the person that currently has it will not be too thrilled about giving it up. There are some inquiries made about the moral side of stealing this book, and Demeter assures them that the book is actually his old journal and it was taken from him a little over a year before. This quells the qualms of the party and he gives them more information about the place and layout of where they will be going. Since it is his old book he will be going with them to help retrieve/ID it. This and the payment is agreed upon, 100sp + looting (with Demeter getting a cut of loot as well), and they get underway.

Once they arrive at the island they scope out the area. They find the mansion in question and being planning on how to sneak in that night. Once night falls the party takes flight into the third story window of the building, which was caught in a well placed "quiet." They land in the old mans room and quickly subdue him and duct tape him thoroughly. They then proceed to loot that room. After claiming everything they think of value they move out of that room into the hallway. Natasha and Kulov become fascinate by the washroom and proceed to dig through it, finding nothing of value, but many hygiene products of interest. After securing that floor they head down stairs to the second floor, which contains the library. Natasha, who is in the lead, hears chatter in that room so stops the party until the people producing it pass, avoiding conflict. They then flood out into the library. They find many books but not the one they are looking for. After filling several bags with books, and leaving them there for easy grabbing on the way back up, they head down to the first floor. Once they are almost down they notice several cleaning ladies and at least one guard standing at or around the front door. After much planning of possible assaults they decide they the book probably isn't down there so they move back up into the library. They then decide that questioning the old man might work better than just searching randomly. They then head back upstairs, loot in tow, grab the man and head back to the boat.

Back at the boat Demeter has a little talk with the old man and finds out where the book is kept, a secret room in the attic. The party then makes a plan to get Lindsey and Demeter back into the building to get the book before people realize anything has happened. To do this Kulov and Natasha decide to have a lover's spat outside the front gates in order to draw the guards' attention away from the building. Natasha fits into the roll rather well but Kulov seems to have gambling on the mind and keeping bring it up as the cause of their breaking up (poor Natasha losing all their money to her nasty habit). After some stumbling around they eventually get on the same frequency (though still a completely different amplitude) and start to make a show of it. After some time Demeter and Lindsey come strolling by arms linked and stop to join in on the argument. After some discussion it is mutually decided to change partners (Lindsey being a far more successful gambler, much to Kulov's liking) and everyone goes off on their merry way.

Meeting back up they get everything witchsmelled and one thing glows, a very fancy bow. The party dices and Demeter wins it, much to Fred's dismay.

Noteworthy Postgame Events