March 19, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver


Natasha explores a forgotten world.

Plot Synopsis

One day Natasha was researching things that are or once were cool and she came across an old book about a world that seemed kinda interesting, some kind of dark world. She eventually managed to track down the guy that had originally been interpreting it. After talking with him for a bit she decided that visiting this abandoned world might be fun.

On her way to the portal she comes across Lindsey and decides a little cannon fodder might be a good idea and invites her along. They gather a few supplies and head to the portals housing and then through the portal into the dark….

And more dark… and a few stars and eventually a moon. They light a lantern and start walking. There is some rubble but other than that it is all just sand and rocks. After some travel they start walking on this silverish grassy material. At one point they spot a group of ten+ people and decide to travel with them. These people are fully cloaked and rather pale looking. The lights they carry also shine white with a much smaller radius. Natasha does her best to fit in while gathering information and Lindsey tries her hand at fitting in and pushing the limits on what she can say without giving up too much information.

Eventually the group goes their own way and the two girls are left all alone. They try to follow the direction the leader of the group had given them but they do not know the area well enough to do so. On their way back they are surrounded by a warm mist for some of their travel and then later meet up with a lone traveler who calls himself Trillitan. They talk for some time and convince him that their lanterns contain little small fire creatures. They nearly spark a fight on several occasions but Natasha always manages to defuse it before it gets out of hand. After some more confusion they head back to the portal.

Not quite done with their play they decide to have a huge bon fire. They purchase the "appropriate" equipment and head back through the portal. The setup a 1000 or so feet from the portal, put out their lawn chairs and light it up. Once they get it up and going they notice the grass around them and in the firelight seems to be moving and growing. They also notice some kind of insects beginning to crawl out of the ground and swarm near the fire. They eventually manage to attract some other winged predators and other small animals, which on occasion seem to mistake them for food. After some time they even get a few people who seemed both shocked and amazed at this brilliant source of light. After some time Lindsey begins to squabble with some of the visitors and a small fight breaks out. A mist seems to surround the fire just outside of the lights range, this causes much distress among the natives. The tension, as well as hostility, begins to rise and Natasha and Lindsey decide it would be best to leave immediately. As they take off into the warm mist and once back at the portal they begin to see the firelight dwindle and hear screaming echoing into the night.

Results: Nathasha still has her book as well as the key to the portal building and both of them some how ended up with small crescent shaped silver medallions, which glow slightly under witchsmeller.

Noteworthy Postgame Events