March 26, 2005

Game Master
Lottie 'The Hottie' Grott (The Badass Lady (Yes, she is related to the great Jorjis))


An orc jabbed me with a knife and made me write this: "Come to One-Eyed Jack at noon if you are good fighter or magic man. Buy a room in the back, cause I have no money, but I have treasure for you."

Plot Synopsis

The PCs showed up at the One-Eyed Jack and rented three rooms instead of one, but they eventually got together with Wax, the orc that was looking for help. He wanted to hire the PCs to go to a nearby island ("Rubber Island") and rescue his people from slavery.

Mirri decides to buy a kurujo for the mission and negotiates with the owner to buy "The Maiden" for 77,000sp. She pays some of the crew to stay on as well.

The PCs sneak onto Rubber Island at night and Mirri sneaks into the orc slave camp to tell them to prepare for an escape. At the plantation master's mansion, Natasha picks open the door to the kitchen entrance so the PCs can sneak inside. They kill a guard roaming the first floor, but soon another guard comes to investigate. He is able to shout out before he is killed. The PCs head upstairs and are attacked by a total of 3 air mages in one hallway. Kulov and Natasha are also throwing lightning bolts. Lotti gets hit with enough lighting bolts from the 5 air mages that she goes unconscious.

The eldest air mage saw his sons killed and turned himself invisible. Mirri was too nasty with her claws though, and he was attacked again. He flew out a window to escape and was near death. Mirri followed and turned into a giant werewolf to speed after him.

In the Hallway O' Lightning bolts, Kulov was checking Lotti for vitals (not in a bad way though). Someone snuck up on Kulov and tried to touch him. He missed the first try, but eventually touched Kulov a few times while casting. Kulov resisted each time and Natasha came into the hall to help subdue the new threat. He was grappled and told the PCs he didn't want to fight them. He said his name was Roger and that he knew Wax had brought them. Kulov and Natasha tied him up and questioned him about The Voice, the orcan leader who was imprisoned by the plantation masters. Roger told them where The Voice was being kept and gave them a Dr. Brown's for Lotti.

Mirri chased down the air mage and divine worded him to land so she could finish tearing him up.

The PCs got back together at the mansion and freed The Voice. A quick loot check revealed a chest in master bedroom and the PCs were 8,000 silver richer. They headed back to the slave camp and fought some guards that were running to the mansion from the guardhouse near the slave camp. Lotti was healed up and faired much better without all the lightning bolts flying. She and the other PCs carved up the guards quickly and reunited The Voice with his people.

Rubber Island was fully engulfed in chaos now so the PCs job was almost complete. The orcs were overjoyed to see The Voice. The remaining guards fled into the brush. The families of the guards and slave masters were running in a panic. Mirri was doing some really nasty things with an unconscious guard and the Scrogg spell Change Size.

The Voice was ready to lead his people off the island, but the kurujo the PCs brought would not be enough the for the 80 or so orcs. Roger told the PCs that a ship was coming the next morning to pick up some of the rubber harvest. The PCs and the orcs waited until morning at the docks for the cargo ship to arrive. The ship started turning around when they saw all the orcs, but Mirri used Divine Word again and told them to dock. The Cefo ordered his crew not to fight back and to let the orcs aboard.

When the two ships arrived in Port Haven, the PCs sold the rubber harvest for 3000sp. The Voice asked for the 3000sp since his people had done all the work. The PCs let him have it.

Roger slipped away at some point and the Cefo of the commandeered ship was found to have committed suicide. He left a note for his bosses at the 'E. C. Masters Company' that claimed all responsibility for cooperating with the escaped slaves. He begged the company to let his sailors off the hook.

The PCs gathered all the stuff they looted from the mansion and Kulov cast Witchsmeller. None of the stuff they looted was magic, but the cloak full of trinkets Wax had stolen off a passed out mage showed three glowing objects. When Kulov got them identified, he was told a guy named Gunvid was looking for his stuff.

reward: 8000 silver and 3 moderate magic items divided amongst the group.

xp: 2900

Epilogue: The orcs left Port Haven for the new lands of Lojem uncovered by the new sea wall. They are led by an orc with a powerful voice who calls himself Orc X.

Noteworthy Postgame Events