April 02, 2005

Game Master
Bob Richey


People needed to aid in a capture mission.

Plot Synopsis

They meet at a bar near the docks of a coastal city on Galaia. A dwarf named Brod is waiting for them, he informs them that he was hired to assemble some people for a job, but has few specific details. The group gets underway for a day and a half sail to an island. There are a collection of buildings, resembling a mining/refinery. They are led into one of the larger buildings. Having been told not to touch anything, Maru uses "Fly" to avoid touching the floor. They are led through a portal to the actual mine.

There they are met by a woman named Cynthia who the group that they will be capturing a scouting group that has invaded their territory. As this area is fairly remote, it was not possible to bring in their own goons. Daglon considers this to be a just cause and decides not to screw the employer yet.

After a few days of travel, they get near the point they should intercept the group. Along the way, Dhago realizes that the people they are working for are the "bad guys" as he joined up with other side several months ago. He informs Daglon.

After a rather whiney combat, facilitated by Maru, the party emerges victorious. Daglon insists that he be allowed to inspect the prison where the captured people are to be held. He notices nothing unacceptable about the arrangements. The party returns to Jearn and are paid their agreed upon amount.

Noteworthy Postgame Events