April 09, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Selina (must play with yarn ball...)
Amy G. Dala


People needed immediately to assist in protection. If interested be at the stopover Inn at 1030, room 2. Semi- formal attire required.

Plot Synopsis

The party shows up, some of which when out to get new clothes first, and meets Amy in room two. She is a rather attractive twenty something with long blonde hair and slender build. As soon as 1030 arrives she then proceeds to explain her problem about how the guards that were hired for a very important meeting will be unable to make it and she needs people right away (the meeting starts at 1230). Since the party seems interested she hits them with the list of rules. They include things such as, no harassing the meeting goers. Not standing out, this means no noticeable armor or weapons. Also, there is to be no damaging of the building or anything in it. The party agrees and they get underway, discussing the finer points along the way. At one point they discover that this is a meeting of the Social Committee for the Abatement of Random Errant Destruction. It was created by two older men (both of whom will be in attendance) and this is a meeting of all the people they could get together.

Once there they are introduced to the two main people they begin setting up. Roy hides his weapon is an easily accessible area while James puts ropes where he thinks he may need them. The party then falls into their new roles. Gideon proceeds to greet guests, while Kulov puts himself on the second level internal balcony. The rest of the group proceeds to mingle and fit in. Several people take the time to say .hi. to Demeter and make inquiries as to his presence, as current health and well being.

A while after the meeting commences one of the meeting leaders is assassinated, with Roy.s attempts to save him proving futile. This beings the combat. Kulov manages to nail one of them but then gets .Befriended. and is taken out of combat. Several invisible people appear in the main meeting hall, one of which manages to grapple the other old man. Roger then proceeds to grapple him. This leads to a grapple war between the two augers.

On the other side of the room, a demolish goes off, leaving Kulov in a pile of splinters and allowing some of the baddies out of the room. Gideon manages to remove himself from combat by jumping into a halt time and Haffuku is taken out by an immobilize, while trying to stop the kidnapping of the second old man.

Through all this more arrows come through a window, one striking Amy, who is then grappled. Demeter goes to assist her but Roy gets there first. Playing the part of the human shield Roy takes an arrow and allows Amy to escape.

Through the rest of combat there is a large number of immobilizes, arrows, and halt times, not to mention a siren. Eventually, the party manages to kill off the attackers they can track down. Unfortunately, both of the main leaders were killed, but no other casualties were reported among the meeting goers.

Amy is very upset, but pays them a fraction of their agreed upon wage because they did manage to stop everyone from being killed, including herself.

After some apologies the party heads off.

Noteworthy Postgame Events