April 23, 2005

Game Master
Jonathan Sutcliffe
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Corrigon Fortarn (Saint Emperor Corrigon Fortarn, Profit of Cronk, Minion of Zephrin, Harbinger of the gods of life and being. Professional Survival Specialist (Upgrade of Cannon Fodder))


The Centralia Mages Guild would like assistance investigating various anomalies, such as the sky change.

Plot Synopsis

The characters arrive on their own schedule. Those that mention to the head waiter that they seek Movar are led to a reserved table at the back of the main dining room.

The Azure Terrace is a relatively new establishment, providing an upper-class dining experience overlooking the beach. Chef Anodar Beriko has worked to create exciting new recipes to tempt every palette, and has collected a few favorites from all over Jaern to satisfy every taste. They are working to build a large collection of beers to compliment an already varied menu.

The establishment opens for the evening meal, five days per week, and stays open until late into the night. They provide conscientious service, pleasant atmosphere, and even local entertainment to accentuate the total dining experience.

Those characters that know each other exchange greetings as they arrive, and are treated to a tasty meal courtesy of the Centralia Mages Guild. A young man meets with the group to explain that certain preparations are not yet completed, so he will not be joining in the meal, but will return shortly to escort them to the ship for transport.

After dinner, the young man returns, and escorts them to the Smooth Getaway, a moderate-sized cargo ship converted for passenger transport. Each person is given their own cabin, including the two late comers: Jolson Federmere, a sage sent by the Guild, and his personal assistant Adele.

The trip to Malplena Island is largely uneventful, other than the exchange of information between Jolson and the group.

When they arrive on the island they are met by four individuals.

(Tag Jon)

These people greet the party as they arrive. They are a confident lot, and one ( who later identifies himself as Havoc ) begins to greet the group with predictions of how long it will be before they die - generally measured in minutes. Havoc waited twelve seconds and pointed at Mini-G. Conversation continued and Dom forced a subject. In reponse, one of the "ladies" of the group swung a scythe at Dom. The next thing people notice is Dom's chest opening up, a white wispy "fog" escaping, and the chest closing back up.

Mini-G teleports away. The remaining members of the group begin to talk with these four, and Tanis is able to gain some info to the effect that Dom's condition may be temporary.

After a few minutes, Mini-G returns with a magical device rigged with high powered spells, which promptly detonates over the four. The resulting explosion kills Natasha, Jolson, and Adele, and wounds the rest of the party including Mini-G. The four seem undamaged. Mini-G teleports away again, eventually appearing in the presence of 'Ra.'

Tanis is able to negotiate the return of Dom to the realm of the living, on the condition that he has thirty days to kill Mini-G, else he dies again. Havoc is convinced to open a portal to transport Dom to the location where Mini-G is, and also provide the means for the rest of the group to watch.

After a brief explanation of the situation, 'Ra' gestures to them, and says "Commence". Dom attacks Mini-G. After some flying, some ineffective weapon slinging, and a Divine Word to 'Do Nothing', Dom is slain once again.

Tanis pokes his head through the portal, sees 'Ra', and says "Hi." In response, 'Ra' slays Tanis with divine magic.

After all this, Corrigan grabs Adele's journal and reports these events to the Centralia Mages Guild, and to the Super Mages Guild in New Jersey.

NOTEWORTHY EVENTS: Dom Foran, Tanis, and Natasha died. Corrigan brought new information to the CMG. Malplena Island is now known to be inhabited by some very powerful beings.

Noteworthy Postgame Events