April 23, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Daglon (T'or has returned to his full glory. Those who have avoided His justice will now have it brought to them.)
Fred (He hates everything!)
Selina (must play with yarn ball...)
Amy G. Dala


People needed to help as an escort. Come immediately to the Stopover Inn and ask the barkeep for Morishien.

Plot Synopsis

The party arrives one at a time, and when they talk to the barkeep he points them to a room in the hotel section. As they arrive and knock on the door (or in the case of Roger, trying to pick the lock) they are asked to identify themselves and then allowed in. For everyone but Roger the man in the room seems to know something about them.

Upon entering the room they spot a rather disheveled, jittery man. He is an average man, who attempts to keep his composure, but fails on several occasions. Once he thinks he has enough people he starts to, shakily, rattle on about needing to get to a town outside of Rougtero, and then to a port on the other side or Lojem. The man is quite shaken so the party is unable to get much more information out of him. They do manage to bring of the topic of pay and get an answer. He doesn.t have much money on him, but he promises to pay as well as reimburse costs once he gets to his ship. They agree and get underway. Kulov rents a covered wagon and horse to provide some security as well as aid travel.

They make it too the small series of buildings uneventfully. Once there Morishien gets out of the cart and retrieves a rather nice looking woman named Amy from a cellar. She then gets into the cart with Morishien and they head off again.

While moving though the Elvish territory, some of the party, as well as the horse, run into a forefend. After much debating and waiting for an attack they decide to work their way around it and go forward. At this point it starts to rain. Eventually, they run to another forefended area. After much standing around thinking about what is really going on the horse suddenly launches itself into the forefend, then not making the check panics circles around and finds another forefend. This causes the horse to panic even more making the people inside the carriage to get rather unhappy. The party members that are also within the forefended area manage to avoid the horse and cart. Eventually, the horse manages to wreak the cart and severally damage itself. The party then abandons the cart and horse and heads off on foot.

This is where things get interesting, at least of some of them. While walking though the mud and puddles Daglon, Amy, Morishien, and Kulov all get their feet, which were in water, stuck in stone. Selina manages to get Amy and Morishien out rather easily. Kulov and Daglon use the equipment available to chip there way out. At about the time they are getting free Selina spots a group of armed people approaching. After some hostile actions are taken combat erupts. Many spells are cast. Fred throws his shoe hitting one of the armored men, and even manages to audacious the man as well as Kulov.

Once this is finished Amy gets hit with an arrow and goes down. That basic area is then halt timed. After more fighting and chasing of random people the party manages to get things under control. Amy is in really bad condition, and is earthboned for the rest of the trip.

The party then makes it to the port with out further incident. Once they deliver Morishien and Amy they are paid and reimbursed for their expenses, as promised, as well as pay to travel back to the portal farm. The bulk of the party heads back while Selina sticks around to make sure Amy is okay.

Payment 700 sp

Noteworthy events, some bad things happen in Elvish territory, and the appropriate people are notified.

Daglon is able to pick up Selina.s captive once he contacts her.

Also, Kulov may never live down the fact that David said .I fertilize the horse.

Noteworthy Postgame Events