April 30, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
Tyndracha Navarre (Aerodrako auger/inventor extraordinaire. Dangerous only when bored.)
Carl Liston (Dead now, but not really)


Professional help required. Children have been disapearing from the three day ring.

Plot Synopsis

Previous to today's game] Darnell sent a few scouts to the islands to investigate the disappearances as he suspects involvment of some of his prior aquaintances. He finds some evidence of Hirudo magics being used in the abductions

The adventurers meet Sarah at the Weary Scholar and are informed that over the last two months, 11 children have been kidnapped from a series of islands on the three day ring. Two days ago, one of the children who was abducted found her way back to town after waking up in the forest outside of a cave.

Fully suspecting a trap, the group agrees to investigate and take Carl's catamaran to speed up the journey. On the way Darnell manages to speak with Tyn and Carl about his own investigation and that he suspects he may know who the hirudo's identity. They are somewhat suspicious of Sarah at this point and Carl makes appropriate preperations to deal with her.

They reach the island a few days later. Tyn takes Roy and Kulov to check out the island. During their search they begin to be hit with Fireballs. Carl and Darnell head inland when they see the fireballs go off. During their attempt to flee, both Roy and Kulov are killed. Darnell attempts to Soul Catcher them both after intercepting them. Carl uses his influence over the spirit realm to snag Kulov's soul from the air as it waits to move on to the afterlife.

Darnell casts a shadow draco and takes Roy's and Kulov's bodies to the Centralia mages guild to attempt to help them. He finds he only was able capture Roy's soul in a rock. After some heavy bribing of a Priestess of Scrogg she agree's to Final Fling Kulov. The attempt to capture his soul during the process is unsuccessful. Roy's soul is transfered into a new body and he is left at the Stockade on Lojem.

Meanwhile, the remaining group heads back to the island where they check out the caves. The find an injured baby aerodraco in one of the caves and move in for a closer look. Warriors seem to be displaced from several rock piles at this time and attack the party. The group is holding their own until all but Carl and Tyn are captivated by a Siren Song. The find themselves watching a shadowy figure hovering above them. Carl finishes off the bad guys in the cave, and walks out to help the others. He promptly begins hacking the shadowy figure. After a Divine Word and several Paralyzes fail to stop Carl, the figure flees. Carl loses track of it quickly. He descides to wait for the other's to recover from the effects of the Divine Word.

A while later, Darnell arrives back on his Shadow Mount. He finds a note on the docks that the group has gone huntin' so he goes to Sarah's house to get caught up on the situation. He is promptly divine worded to "Do nothing" and has several specific memories drained from him. Sarah steals Darnell's boots and calls a young girl into the room. The girl drops her disquising spells. Not much to his surprise, Darnell finds himself facing the Hirudo he had suspected. Sarah steps out of the way as the Hirudo moves in on Darnell, who's divine word is dropped. Darnell quickly incapacitates the Hirudo. Guessing at Sarah's real identity, offers her a deal she may find benificial. She says she'll consider it and leaves the house.

Eventually the party meets back up and after alot of suspicion of Darnell, he recieves a note, magically Sent to a pouch. The note appologizes for the trouble that has been caused and thanks Carl for releasing one of his captives prior to the mission. The note tells where to find the kids. It is signed Kris, a rather powerful Hirudo a few of the group had fought several months ago.

The kids are earthboned in a cave on a remote island. Shortly after returning them home, the earthbones begin being dropped. The kids are unharmed, but scared. The town's people begin implimenting saftey measure suggested by Carl.

The party returns to Lojem and Darnell takes his captive Hirduo for questioning and attempts to get in contact with "Sarah."

Exp - 2600 Payment - 50 sp for those who would accept it

Noteworty events:

Kulov managed to finish a mission without ending up with his soul in a rock. On the downside, he did come down with a serious case of dead.

Noteworthy Postgame Events