May 07, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Selina (must play with yarn ball...)
Carl Liston (Dead now, but not really)
Zwyc Livrak (On the road again.)


Capable people needed to retrieve a missing/stolen ship. Dangers unknown. If interested meet with Morishien at pier 3, 1:30.

Plot Synopsis

The party shows up on schedule and is directed onto a ship. Once there they meet Morishien. He informs them that a ship from the company he represents (the Robert Mackenzie) was lost in a storm about two and a half months ago. After the weather had calmed a ship was sent out to see if anything could be salvaged, but nothing was found. The ship was then presumed lost until a week later the ship was spotted two days off course. Another ship was sent to investigate and did not return. The current belief is that pirates took the ship after it had been damaged by the storm. The party.s job is to find the ship and return it to the company. Anything left on the ship that the pirates had stolen they can keep. Also for their troubles 200sp if they were successful.

The party agrees and they get under way. Once they are out of the three-day ring they get into a smaller faster boat. Using Carl.s vast knowledge they make up a search pattern and eventually spot the ship. They being approaching and send Selina off to go take a look. She goes and notices 28 people on deck and no one seems to notice their approaching boat. The ship does look like it has been repaired. After seeing this she heads back to the party and reports.

Once they get a bit closer they send Selina over to halt time the ship. A few minutes later a blue field goes up and the ship is completely blue. After much debate and discussing of bad ideas, they pull their small boat up to theirs. Bob and Dalia take up a nice seat .inside. the ship, Selina heads off to the other side of the ship, and the rest of the party takes up stations on their little boat.

Once the Blue field is dropped Bob and Dalia find themselves in a room with two guys, one of which goes for his maroglave and the other just starts yelling at them. After a mini combat and some touchy feelyness Dalia leaves in a hurry. Bob on the other hand gets confused and starts hacking up people that running around him below deck.

Meanwhile, on the deck, a fireball goes off, sending many crewmembers and passengers below decks (to meet with Bob). Zwyc jumps onto the ship and takes up a fighting pose. Several crewmembers just stare at him. Zwyc decides this is a good time to find out what has been going on and starts talking to them. One of the men seems quite angry and keeps yelling at him. The others just kinda stare. Much of the discussion revolves around what the date is. Roan attempts to assist in this discussion while Isemir continues to be concerned about the rope Zwyc is holding.

Carl fires the ballista pinning a crewmember to the deck. Selina then proceeds to lightening bolt the Cefo several times and anyone that happens to be around him. Carl decides that this ship probably wasn.t taken over by pirates and goes over to talk to the Cefo, taking a lightening bolt in the process. After pinning the Cefo quite thoroughly, Carl beings .convincing. him to tell his men to stand down. Eventually this is done. With the help of a witchsmeller it is discovered that the ship glows slightly divine.

After much discussion they find out that this is the regular crew and they are very lost. Once the man that was impaled with the ballista gets up they party is pretty sure that these people really aren.t alive anymore. The party then begins to escort the ship back to port. Selina goes ahead to tell the employer what happened. She eventually ends up at the Sepulcher, and has a talk with a priest there.

Back at the ship, as night fell, the crew disappeared and the ship stopped. Carl goes looking for them and finds no crew, but that things on the ship had shifted slightly, and that several things had appeared in some of the crew quarters. He is pretty sure that this disappearing at night is why the crew was so lost and how they didn.t know that time was passing.

The party waits until morning, when the crew reappears, and they get under way again. After several days they get back to port. The priest of Anubis is there and takes a look around. It is eventually decided that they should try and help them complete their mission so that they can rest. At this point the party does not want to deal with this, they completed their mission and wish to leave. They are paid and go their separate ways.

Eeps 2500 base + extra for roll playing
Payment 200 sp.

Noteworthy Postgame Events