May 14, 2005

Game Master


Oh boy! I need a clean-up squad bad! Bring your killing power to the One-Eyed Jack cause there is some dirty business that needs to be eliminated. Yo! Hurry! Ask for T-Bone.

Plot Synopsis

T-Bone is hanging out at the bar and points the adventurers to the back when they enter. He is a man of about 25 years and looks under nourished. He wears a well worn leather jacket with many straps, buckles, and rings. On the top of his head is a multicolored mohawk.

He tells the party that he is a mage trying to gain entrance to the Rougtero Mage's Guild. While demonstrating his magey prowess to some guild members, he accidentally summoned some Stench Imps. The summoning was done near Miketown as a safety request of the Mage's Guild.

T-Bone briefly describes the Stench Imps as three foot tall, flying demonlings. They are extremely foul smelling and have a very bad disposition. Swamps are their preferred habitat and they absolutely hate to be sprayed with clean water. The four stench imps he summoned were last seen heading for the swamps around Miketown. He offers the adventurers 500 silver apiece for each stench imp they kill.

The party decides to pick up some extra large water skins to use as weapons against the imps. Greyson buys a donkey to help transport the extra load. He names it "Diego".

As the party nears Miketown they encounter a beggar laying across the road. Greyson immediately runs up to him and kicks him in the ribs. The beggars howls in pain and complains that he was already injured. Greyson insists that he is obviously a bandit. The beggar jumps up and moves away from Greyson, but the monk walks up to him and sprays him with water from one of his skins. The beggar snatches it away from him and sprays him back. The "beggar" then casts Flaming Waters on Greyson and runs away. He cries "Get 'em boys!" as he is chased by Greyson and the lizard Ald-Er. The rest of party stays on the road and brace for a bandit attack. After much tackling, wrestling, and calling out to unseen allies, the bandit dives into swampy waters to escape. Ald-Er sees him though and dives in after him. Ald-Er grabs the bandit and basically sits on him underwater until the bandit drowns.

When the party reaches Miketown there is only an hour of daylight left. The party decides to inquire about a place to stay the night in the sleepy village. The first person they encounter is a small child. Greyson asks about a place to stay, but the child finds fun in repeating everything Greyson says. Other party members try to question him, but he is having too much fun with the strangers. Greyson decides he has had enough of the little brat when he gleefully smacks Diego. Greyson unleashes some furious beats on the youngin', nearly killing him. The kid staggers off wailing.

An old man in a rocking chair finds the scene hilarious and laughs himself silly. The party decides to approach him next. He talks with them about the stench imps and says that they could possibly stay at his house. He gives them the good news that one of the stench imps was already killed when it approached the town. The adventures are eager to see the location of the dead imp and ask him to show them to it. The old man will agree if he can ride Diego. Greyson agrees and the old man flops onto Diego like a sack of dirt. He rides with his legs dangling over the right side and his arms dangling over the left side. This makes it somewhat difficult for him to indicate which direction to go, but he manages. After traveling half a met and to the edge of the swamp, he points to spot where the imp was killed. When Greyson turns to look, the old man smacks Diego. Ald-Er tells Greyson and the mighty monk beats the hell out him. The old man starts screaming "Johnny! Johnny!" back towards his house. Ald-Er grabs him and takes him into the swamp. The lizard sits on the old man until he drowns.

The party examines the remains of the imp. The bits and pieces are spread about a small radius in a blast pattern. Durgoth uses some water magic to find a poison claw and picks up a chunk of skull as proof they killed one imp. Greyson tosses the remains in the water. Durgoth actually tastes the tainted water, hoping to distill more of it later. Still wondering where they will stay for the night, the party heads back to Miketown.

Each adventurer goes to a different part of the village, but the only one who gets into any real trouble is Durgoth who walks into the old man's house. He is greeted by a man who asks what he is doing in his house. Durgoth leaves and is followed by the man. The man sees the empty rocking chair and asks where his "Pa" is. The rest of the party walks over to back up Durgoth. They tell the man that the old man went down to the swamp. He is suspicious and goes back into his house. He emerges again with weapons and backup in the form of three armed young men and a skanky looking woman. They head for the swamp. The party follows them.

Down at the swamp, a giant snake is beginning to eat the evidence of their crime, but Johnny sees his Pa and shoots the snake with a crossbow. His sister helps out by putting some bolts in the snake. When it is dead, Johnny swims out to get his Pa. Ald-Er offers his help and swims out to Johnny. He tries to pull Johnny under the water, but fails. Johnny hits the lizard with his machete and the townsfolk on shore call the adventurers "Murderers!".

They encircle the adventurers and demand their surrender. Malachi refuses to drop his sword and one of the guys whacks him with a club. Malachi drops the sister with his long sword and Greyson pounds on one of the guys until he runs away. Ald-Er swims away from Johnny and his machete. Durgoth distills some tainted swamp water and tries to pour it on his attacker, but ends up spilling it entirely on himself. Johnny gets back to shore and Malachi is quickly downed by machete hits. Greyson falls next and one of the club weiding guys runs out to tackle Ald-Er in the water (which is a pretty bad idea). The lizard quickly turns the tables and sits on his third victim of the day.

Eventually with Ald-Er busy sitting on a guy, it's down to a duel between Durgoth and Johnny. Johnny has some difficulty getting through the warded frame that Durgoth wears, but is doing some damage. Durgoth is backpedaling and slinging stones. With things starting to look bad for Durgoth he casts Drought and touches Johnny's wet pants. Johnny is now very restricted by the stone around his waist and upper legs. Movement is dicey and he falls over when he tries to move. Johnny scrambles after Durgoth on his elbows. Durgoth sprays him and uses the same trick to put a thin stone mask around Johnny's head. While Johnny chips away at the stone with the handle of his machete, Durgoth stabs him until he is out cold.

Ald-Er is happy to drown more townsfolk, so the unconscious ones are put in the swamp. The two unconscious adventurers are laid on Diego and the party makes its way back to the road, avoiding going back into Miketown.

T-Bone gives all the party members 500 silver for the stench imp they killed, but wishes they got them all. After some rest Greyson wakes up, but not Malachi, so he is dropped off at the Temple of Scrogg. When Malachi leaves the temple, he decides to attack a random merchant and is killed by some Tor'ites.

Noteworthy Postgame Events