February 25, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Daglon (T'or has returned to his full glory. Those who have avoided His justice will now have it brought to them.)
Vanya Egorova (Are you stuck in a rock? Would you like to be?)


A man of great damager needs to b e stopped. If interested in this risky endeavor meet Demeter at Accelor Shots at 3pm.

Plot Synopsis

Vanya comes early has a drink that is way too strong and wanders to the meeting area. A little while later Demeter is in the bar having a drink at the before the meeting time when Kulov asks the bar tender for Demeter and gets gestured over to him. Since it is before the meeting time Demeter goes through the general chitchat and buys Kulov a drink. Several other people that have meet Demeter before come by for a chat and have drinks too. When the meeting time comes around Demeter heads to the meeting place and finds Vanya. The rest of the group wanders in and takes their seats. After going through the rest of the usual pleasantries he informs them that he has a dangerous mission for them. He needs a rather nasty man (and all of his associates) taken care of. It was going to be difficult and quite dangerous. Everyone ignores the chance to back out and a payment is agreed upon.

They travel several days by boat and on the last day of travel they start to plan. They decide it would be best to dress plainly and just walk up to the only house on the island. And this is what they do for the most part. On the way to the house Daglon is intercepted and decides to take the man out, which he easily does. This begins the fight. Daglon and Roy take out the back door and run in. Daglon trips over a chair and Roy manages to vault over it. Once to the stairs Daglon kicks a man in the head that is coming up the stairs, which causes the man to roll back down. Roy starts working on the people coming from upstairs.

Through all the commotion Lindsey ends up grappled upstairs, Kulov in the stairwell behind her and Vanya trying to get up. Lindsey manages to get free and between the three of them the people upstairs are taken care of (damage from being hit from books and other things with edges). The two Torites ended up down stairs. Things start off well for them but take a very nasty turn when both of them are subdued. Kulov, once finished up stairs, is the next one down and gets trapped in some dark tendrils. Vanya and Lindsey decided this really isn't all that cool and decide to "re-secure" the outside. On their way out they notice a scuffle in the doorway where Demeter is attempting to hold off several of the people that had been working in the fields. Vanya mists the area and the two girls proceed to bolt out of there and head back towards the boat. Demeter manages to lock himself in the house, with all of the farmers and gardeners outside. He then finds the horrible situation downstairs. He manages to sneak close enough to get off a "Hello, Mike." and a bludgeon. At this point Kulov is freed and manages to subdue/slit the throats of the remaining combatants. After some time and effort the rest of the spell effects end and the party makes its way back to where the longboat was. Vanya and Lindsey the come back from their safe distance get the rest of the party.

After they arrive back the group is paid, slightly reduced because of Demeter's extra involvement, and the Torites take the remains survivals back to be rehabilitated and returned to their families.

Noteworthy event - The Torites decide that Demeter might not be so bad afterall, but Vanya and Lindsey are another story.

Noteworthy Postgame Events