February 26, 2005

Game Master
Joel Gunderson
Barry (Hmm... You don't look so well. Would you prefer burial or cremation?)
Roan (Air Mage Extraordinaire...or something like that.)
Carl Liston (Lord Carl of Centralia)
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)


folks gone missin, need hlp, meet Morgan at drathroion at noon

Plot Synopsis

The party was met at the Drathorian by Morgan, a farmer from a small community locally known as Khurmish outside the forests of Geleia. He informed them that the town was being haunted by a number of ghosts, and since the hauntings began about six months ago a number of people had gone missing. The party agreed to travel to the village and help find the people for a pittance of silver; some party members decided to do it for free.

The party traveled to Geleia via the Portal Farm to Southam, where Roan purchased a dog. Barry was informed by Morgan that it would probably be a bad idea to bring any undead into the city, so he sent his tiger home. The party then traveled by horse and foot north to the village.

The village was surrounded by a wood palisade. There were about 12 houses in the village, and one run-down mansion where the original founders of the village used to live. There was also a cemetery in a thicket northwest of the village; Barry did a little clean-up work there along the lines of straightening and repairing grave markers. It was determined by the party that the founders had been slain in an attack by high orcs years ago. The party also found out the identities of the people that had gone missing; there was no real correlation between them other than the fact that they were all out of their homes at the times the ghosts were seen in the village.

The night that the party arrived the ghosts came out into the village. The party followed the ghosts around, but the ghosts were taking no overt actions against the party unless they were provoked; Barry used some Anubis spells to beat on one for awhile and to try to get information from it. During the chaos, Morgan was kidnapped from the village. After some quick tracking work, the party was able to follow the kidnappers through the snow to the cemetery; the mausoleum of the founders had a tunnel to a cave system underneath it. After tripping one trap and avoiding another, the party ran into the perpetrators and defeated them. One of them was a Hirudo, but none of them provided a real challenge for the party. There was a group of bodies in one of the rooms off of the cave. The bodies that were still recognizable were identified as the bodies of the kidnapped villagers.

These were properly buried and the party was paid and returned to the portal hub by way of Southam.

XP: 2600 w/ bonuses for roleplaying

Noteworthy Postgame Events