February 26, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
Galiena (Hey, hands off, or I'll add you to the list...)
Mara (Shiny things are part of Neptune's Glory)


Adventurers needed for a search and rescue mission. If interested, please meet Richard in Building 5, Oak Street, Northport.

Plot Synopsis

Richard meets the party at his warehouse. He explains that he has been operating a portal to a world in which a large comet is due to impact soon. He is selling passage to Jearn for a modest fee. He has lost contact with cne of his clients and fears that his town may have experienced large problems and that Stuart may be in trouble. He offers 1000 sp payment and possible bonus pay.

The group gets underway immediately to give themselves maximum time to search before the comet arrives. They travel for several days to the town Stuart lives in. The trip is uneventful except for a short battle invovling a deranged knight.

They find the town to be a walled city with gaurds posted. The gaurds inform the group that the gate fee is "what they have." Not wanting to give up their stuff, they move on. The group hides in the woods, stashes most of their things and head back to town. Mara remains behind to tend to the horses. They give up their possessions and head in. The find the town is set up as a large party before the end of the world.

The party does various things to search out Stuart. Galiena is able to Locate him in the main temple near the center of town. The building is being used as the personal quarters for Jasper, the leader of the town. Dhago and Roger manage to trick their way in. Roger is chased throughout the building and escapes after some "creative" tactics. Dhago starts tossing people through the large stained glass windows until he is subdued. Dhago is locked in the dungeons below the building and left there.

Galiena and Natasha manage to get invited to Jasper's party the next evening. While they are inside, Roger and Spot try to start a riot, with limited success. In the meantime, Mara manages to capture an alcohol shipment and uses the "glory of Neptune" to transport the large barrels to the town, light them afire, and toss them over the walls. Roger siezes on the fires to incite panic, trying to direct people into the temple. Added to this, Mara stomps into town and uses Devine Word to generally make things worse.

Galiena manages to get down to the dungeon level and break out Stuart. She comtemplates leaving Dhago behind but resucues him. The party manages to get out of town and head back to the portal. They get through the portal without incident. Richard sets down a small adamentite framework on the other side of the portal. The portal then dissolves. He explains the framework should survive the devistation and that in about a week he will try to recover it to be Devled to observe the events immediately previous and following the impact.

Stuart casts a spell and Calls a box to him, which he hands over to Richard. He is very pleased. The party is given their 1000 sp along with a generous bonus.

Noteworthy Postgame Events