February 20, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Daglon (T'or has returned to his full glory. Those who have avoided His justice will now have it brought to them.)
Maeron - the employer
Cashen - the poor guy they are out to get


Assistance needed in collecting an old debt. If interested meet in room 6 in Accelor Shots, noon.

Plot Synopsis

The group arrives and gets to the correct room, some far more easily and less drunk than others. There they meet with Maeron. Not recognizing any of them he proceeds with brief introductions and then moves quickly into his current situation. He is a businessman and someone that he has previously worked with, Cashen, is refusing to pay an old monetary debt. Maeron has sent an associate of his to discuss the problem but she has yet to return or contact him. He then explains to them that this man needs to be taught a lesson and it would be most problematic for Maeron to get the reputation of letting debts slide. He would also appreciate the return of his associate. The party agrees to this as well as the payment and the mission gets underway.

After several days sailing they arrive at their destination. After a bit of searching they find the office building which contains the office of the man they are looking for. They decide to pay him a visit. Upon being questioned about an appointment Lindsey goes into how they are there on a business related mission and need to talk to him about "waffle deliveries." This gets the understandable reaction of "Huh?" from Cashen (as well as the rest of the party and the GM) . After hearing the reaction Lindsey tries to save excuse but is unable, so decides that this must be the wrong office and blames Daglon for the mistake. This is promptly followed by a "I never said I could read," from Daglon. Wisely they decide to move on and try a new plan.

Over the next few hours Vanya and Daglon both scope out Cashen's house, on separate occasions, and Lindsey tries to find new ways of having "fun." Eventually they decide to try and capture Cashen believing the woman staying in the house with him was Maeron's associate. They do manage to do this, but the woman escapes, after being identified as "not the one," drawing the attention of the local guards. Before the guards can arrive they attempt to get some information from him but are rather unable and flee. After a few minutes Daglon takes up watch on the house. He notices someone leave in a hurry and decides to follow.

After Daglon leaves Vanya shows up, she also spots someone and follows them. This person leads her to the office building. The man that went inside appears to be burning all the paper work. Vanya decides a confrontation might not be the best idea and burning this is fun.

Getting back to Daglon, he follows the man to a warehouse and proceeds to fight his way inside. After taking much damage and losing his sword many a time, he is gets through the guards, with only one escaping, in time to find the man he was following holding a hammer to a statue in the likeness of the woman they are looking for. Valiantly Daglon hurled his sword at the man knocking the hammer to the ground. The man promptly surrenders and begins spewing information to Daglon. Believing this is the woman they are looking for Daglon promptly grabs her and leaves the area before the guards can arrive. After several minutes he realizes that stone people are not fun to travel with and starts heading for the long boat. He eventually makes it there, without dropping or chipping the statue, and rows back to the ship for a much needed nap. Rowing takes much longer and is far less graceful than normal (to the amusement of the sailors) and by the time he arrives he is completely exhausted.

Back on the island Vanya decides it is time to meet up with the group. Being unable to find anyone she heads back to the long boat. Unable to find it she takes one of the fishing boats moored nearby, as well as cutting most of the other boats loose. Once she starts getting closer to the ship Daglon, being the very tired Torite he is, gets up on deck, sets to impale, and yells down at her to "Where did you get that boat!" Given the situation Vanya decides conflict would probably not be worth the effort. Daglon then pays several sailors to take the boat back.

A with in the next hour Lindsey also cannot find the party. She decides to head back to the ship. But being unable to find a long boat takes the only other boat there (the same fishing vessel). Upon approaching the ship an even unhappier Daglon, set to impale, is on deck giving the greeting of "TAKE THAT DAMN BOAT BACK." Being unsure of what the problem is Lindsey being making inquires as to what his problem is. Lucky Torites don't believe in ranged weapon, so Daglon can only do more yelling. After paying the sailors once again Daglon heads back below deck for some much needed sleep.

In the end the statue is returned to Maeron, the party is paid and Daglon gets several days to rest him aching body.

GM comments - this was one of the most amusing games I have ever run, thanks guys it was a hoot.

Noteworthy Postgame Events