February 19, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
Mara (Shiny things are part of Neptune's Glory)
Galiena (Hey, hands off, or I'll add you to the list...)
Trina (Illusions)


You wake up, get dressed, prepare for another day of looting and walk out your front door...

Plot Synopsis

The adventures find themselves standing on a grassy field, surrounded by combat. A group of armored men are fighting off a band of skeletons. The party watches for awhile, and Galiena sets her bear trap in hopes of catching someone. Slowly the combat winds down with only one of the men surviving.

The party begins to question him. He seems to think that they have been sent by Anubis to save his group from certain death. After piling up the bodies and lighting a pyre, he suggests they come with him to meet Lord Oliver, the king of these lands. They travel for about three days to reach the keep.

The party is met with suspicision, but are housed in a nearby barracks. Arnold, the head priest of Anubis meets with them to assess if they are truely from Anubis. True to form, Galiena goads Mara into attacking her infront of Arnold and the Gaurds. Mara is subdued and led to the dungeons. After determining that Trina is a mage, Arnold leaves to talk with Oliver.

While the party is waiting, Galiena attempts to contact her "pet" at home. An old man enters the barracks and introduces himself and Franklin. He is a mage and is quite interested in the magical abilities of the party. Also, he is fascinated by the idea they have come from another world and asks alot of questions about how they can travel from one to another. He also explains some of the history of the world; that they have been at war off and on for the last hundred years with the neighboring kingdom as their use of Necromancy and undead are a mockery of Anubis' Will. He seems offended when Galiena asks about Anubisites generating undead too.

The party is told they will be meeting with Lord Oliver tomorrow and to make themselves comfortable. The party does their best to bunk down for the night. Meanwhile, Mara is attempting to lead the other Prisoners in Hymns to Neptune. She is partially successful, despite the fact no one else speaks Si'lict.

In the morning the entire party is brought to the audience chamber of Lord Oliver. They are disarmed except for Roger who manages to hide a dagger on his person. Oliver talks to them at length about their situation. He is interested in Jearn as a resource for magics to aid in this war. Franklin is willing to attempt to create a gateway to Jearn but it will take several days for him to prepare the necessary information and prepare for the casting.

Oliver explains that the war has made little progress, as the superior numbers of undead generally overwhelm any attempt to advance into enemy territory. He feels that the party, with their large compliment of mages, might be adequately suited to aiding in their war effort. He would like them to deliver (his choice of wording disturbs the party slightly) a set of devices to the support pylons of an enemy bridge. He feels that this will help his troops advance as it will take several day for the enemy troops to reach alternate crossings. As compensation, they would each recieve a parcel of land and Nobel status.

The party agrees and goes through a strategy sesssion with the gaurd captain and prepares to travel. Franklin conjures a shadow dragon to carry them to their destination. They party lands upstream of the bridge; Mara, Natasha, and Spot slip into the water and using "Fly" are able to navigate the swift current. Surprisingly, the group avoids doing stupid things and manages to set the devices and get clear of the bridge. Mara triggers the devices and they all hear loud splintering from the bridge and shortly there after, large amounts of debris float down past them. They are picked up by the people on the Dragon and fly back to the keep.

Oliver is most impressed with their success. The next day they are awarded their new fiefs. Franklin disscusses with the party's mages a suitable location to try to open a portal to on Jearn. The group travels by Shadow mount away from the front to a suitable location for a portal. Fredrick casts a spell and hurts himself in the process. A few days later, he attempts again and successfully opens a portal to Jearn.

The party steps through to Jearn, somewhat disappointed no one fixed the sky yet, onto a small island. They return to Lojem in style on the back of a Shadow Whale.

Exp - 2700
Payment - 6 Acres of land and a noble title.

Noteworthy Postgame Events