May 11, 2002

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Preston Wiley
Mindra Vii
Strange Creature on Black Cloak
Various Thugs


Adventurers needed for exploration of meteor site. Unknown peril ahead. Meet at the Flaming Dolphin in Centralia at 7pm.

Plot Synopsis

Adventures met strange guy in black cloak at the Flaming Dolphin. They learned that he would like them to explore a meteor site and look for a specific mineral of with he gave them a picture of. The island that the meteor site was located on was 2 days journey away. After some discussion, the party agree to set sail during the night. The next day on the ship, a few party members notice a ship ahead matching their speed and seemingly on the same course. That night, there ship is attacking during the night and no one is able to see that ship until Silvanti uses a light beam to locate the ship, but this is soon turned off because it also allows the ship to see them. Mindra Vii enmasses herself and jumps into the water swimming toward the enemy ship, when she is there, she casts Demolish on the keel of the enemy ship causing it to sink. She rescues three sailors from the sinking ship and brings them aboard the parties ship. They question them and learn that they were hired to attack them at night, which they did. The next night, they find the island and rest on the ship for the night. Mindra notices a torch off in the distance.

The next day, the party sets out down the cliff and across the island to a lake at the center of the crater. Stan dives in a finds nothing of interest, while Saidi dives in a finds the mineral. She empties it and compares it with the picture of it to make sure it is correct. Mindra decides to look around and notices someone behind a rock and surprises them. Combat begins. Resulting in many witchy sleeping enemies and some dead ones. They learn from one that they are part of another ship here to stop them from getting what they seek. They let them go back to the ship and cast a fake spell on them to make sure they leave the island.

The party journeys back to their ship and when they climb up the cliff get arrows shot at their heads. Their ship has been taken over. A long battle ensues resulting in the death of Stan. A few enemies being thrown off the cliff and a lot of water magic spell being cast. The party wins a loots the body and returns to Centralia one party member short. They get paid including danger bonuses.

Noteworthy Postgame Events

Stan died during this adventure.