February 12, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver


Demeter needs an exsort to meet up with a possibly hostile person. If interested seek Demeter at Accelor Shots by 3pm.

Plot Synopsis

The group gets together in Demeter's regular booth and proceeds with the regular meet and greet. After the pleasantries Demeter informs the group of the task at hand. He needs to meet with a man that doesn't wish to be found. There are also others out looking for him so the group will need to keep a low profile. After pay and such was discussed they head underway.

After some travel the group arrives at a small farming village. As usual the first stop was the local tavern. This gets the newcomers several invitations, but nothing in the way of useful information. Natasha proceeds to get information about the area by pretending to be looking for a place for her parents to retire. This works surprisingly well and the "owner" of several vacant farms give the group a tour. Later that night they party tries to travel back to these farms, but get stopped by the local guardsmen, who will not let them travel there unescorted. Deciding that a fight would probably not go well for them they decide to play along and get escorted. This escort hinders much of the snooping as well as breaking and entering, but they do discover that there has been much recent activity between the buildings, even though no one has lived there for years. Taking this as a clue the group plans to head back the next day, this time with Demeter.

The next day they pick the farm which has had the most recent activity and assault the cellar. After a bit of a scuffle the party manages to subdue the inhabitant without too much trouble, though several party members got struck with jarred tomatoes thrown by other party members. Demeter then had his private chat with the man and who later agrees to accompany the group peacefully.

Special notes: Lindsey discovers that sleeping in barns is not all that comfortable.

Noteworthy Postgame Events