February 12, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Preston Wiley
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)
'Gorgeous' Jorjis Grott (The Ladies' Badass (Temporarily MIA))


Adventurer types want to assist Centralia Wizard's Guild in exploration mission. Meet at the CMG on 01-16-10045

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers are wanted to investigate a recently discovered building that was lost in legends and was rediscovered in the arctic region of Jaern. The place was said to have disappeared 1,000+ years ago mysteriously and it is unknown how long the place has been back since it is in a untravelled region of Jaern. Since discovery, many strange magical occurances have been witnesses and strange creatures have been spotted. None of the researchers want to go into the building and the adventurers are being hired for this task.

The adventurers arrive and almost immediatly, one of the research dies strangly. After a bit of questioning, they discover that he was a scrying mage and another scrying mage had also died previous. The conclusion to drawn that scrying into the building is a bad idea and it is ordered to stop all attempts.

The party enters the building and finds some bedrooms, a study, a kitchen occupied by strange ghostly figures preparing food, and a dining room with about a dozen ghostly figures sit at a table awaiting dinner. Also in this room are chairs label with each adventurers name. Talon and Corrigon are the only ones brave (or stupid) enough to eat the food and seems to become solid after set in front of them. They resist some nasty effects and gain some resistances in the process.

Further into the building, they discover a large indoor forest which contain trees that attack you, grass that holds you on the ground, and squirrels the turn acorns into gold. They also discover a forest guardian with seems to resemble a gust of wind (but hurts a bit more when it hits you).

Eventually thay arrive in the northern section of the building where they discover a vault door when seems to have a solid blue field sealing it. The door has three key holes. They also discover some robes that are pacing back and forth in another room, but don't seem to be anything too special.

In the east wing of the building more stangeness is discovered. Many colored rooms are found with some magical beings in some of them. They also find a rooms with some tarot card laid upon the table. The party goes about turning all of them over (getting both the curses and benefits), Mini-G gets the death card and has to stress his WIL to avoid certain death. In the red room, they get into a fight when the red guardian and steal his stuff which contain a red key. They leave the building and tell some mages what is going on.

Some go back into the building to seek out the remaining to keys. They find one in the library inside a book with the picture of a key on it. Mini-G divine words the green guardian to tell him where the keys are and he tell that the other key is hidden under the floor in the black room.

They open the vault and start looting. Upon touching an item, a random spell effect goes off. Also the vault alarm system causes a phanstamal comet and a soul catcher from the stone floor. There are the only things they see before one of the random spell effects is a comet and everyone bails from the vault and quickly closes the door. All magic items left in the vault are destroyed.

They bring the items they found back to the guild where they are identified and each party member get to select one.

Noteworthy Postgame Events