February 05, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver


Assistance required in returning kidnapped children. Danger expected, but possibly avoidable. If interested seek Demeter at Accellor Shots on 1-2-10045

Plot Synopsis

Once everyone arrives Demeter goes into the details about the good deed he needs done. He wants them to travel to a nearby island to return three kids to their parents whose island was recently raided. The party agrees to the terms and heads out with Demeter.

After taking a several day boat ride they arrive at the island. They decide to split up and gather some information about the people that have "taken custody" of the missing children. Vanya scopes out the house finding the woman in question there with several people. Lindsey heads to the tavern area and finds the man in question having a drink with several friends. She then goes back to the party and they form a plan. Lindsey goes back to try and lure the target into an ally way so that the rest of the party can jump him. She manages to get someone to follow her, but unfortunately this is the wrong person. He is subdued and left if the ally. Vanya and Lindsey decide to go back to the tavern to see if, between the two of them, they could attract the target. Each one of them manages to attract a guy. Lindsey ends up downing a very strong drink and heading towards the local inn. Vanya attracts the target and directs him down the ally. Once the target is close enough he gets hit by a variety of spells from Yoln. He manages to stay up and takes of running. Setzer chases but then decides that it isn't worth the effort.

Unable to catch him they decide to regroup. Lindsey eventually meets up with them after having a rather good time. They decide it is time to take on the house where the children should be staying. They arrive there and manage to overpower the woman that is now there alone. Once inside they begin questioning her and looting the downstairs. After some time they hear children's voices and the male target outside the front door. They quickly take attack positions and jump the man when he comes inside. Once he is subdued they go after the three kids that ran upstairs. The three are grabbed and the team heads to the grove. Once there they decide that leaving the island would be best.

Once the ship picks them up they head off to return the kids to their mom. When they arrive the kids are thrilled to see their mom and she is thrilled to see them, though she does not appear too happy to see the party. After a few minutes Demeter pays the group the agreed amount travels back with them to Rougterro.

Noteworthy Postgame Events