February 05, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
'Gorgeous' Jorjis Grott (The Ladies' Badass (Temporarily MIA))
Galiena (Hey, hands off, or I'll add you to the list...)
Meow Kitty


Each adventurer recieved a letter inviting them to come meet a man called Richard for a "unique bussiness oportunity."

Plot Synopsis

The group arrives at an Island on the Two day ring named North Port and meet a man named Richard. He is based out of warehouse near the dock. He leads the group back into the warehouse and through a portal.

The party finds themselves looking out over forests, and off in the distance, fields and a town. In the sky the see a bright comet. Richard explains that this world is likely doomed, the comet is estimated to impact in about three months. He has offered the use of his portal to the local population, for a fee. He explains that the local religious leaders in the nearby town consider his "exploitation" of people's fears to be immoral and has ordered him to stop. He wants the adventurers to "take care of the situation," so he can resume operations. As compensation, he offeres them a handsom stipend.

After some questioning, the party agrees to go check out the situtation. After alot of observations, they send a group to talk to the priests in the town. The priests are aware of the comet's possible impact, but have been trying to keep that fact downplayed to avoid panic. They are not objecting to the use of the portal to leave the world, only that no one should have to pay.

So after hearing the priests' account of the situation, the party descides to kill the lot of them. Isemir and Meowkitty do their stealthy auger stuff and kill two priests in their sleep. Natasha engages in hand to hand combat with another, and with Roger's help, subdue him. A fourth priest comes out of her room to see what the noise is about and ends up scolding Natasha and Roger and telling them to go home. At this point Meow kitty bashes the priest over the head and slits her throat.

The group returns to Jearn through the portal and are payed 5000 sp with an additional payment on the first of the month for the next two months.

Exp - 2700

Noteworthy Postgame Events