January 29, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Krystal Tyler
Selina (must play with yarn ball...)
Eldain (Ask about my new methods of avoiding those troublesome spells!)
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)


Knowledgeable persons are being hired in order to explore a mysterious, ancient, and possibly evil place. Please meet at Building 41 in the town of Portal Farm on 21 of 10 of the year 10044.

Plot Synopsis

Some creatures from offworld want the adventurers to explore a mysterious place recently discovered and bring back any information they find. They agree, and set off for the 14-hour walk.

The party is met by ghosts soon after they begin wandering the tunnels, which seem to be telling some kind of story. After traveling through some rooms with weird gravity (or none at all) and looting a room of mysterious items, they enter a largish room and begin searching it. Five huge insect-like creatures materialize out of the air and instigate combat. After many rounds, Morid dies and Roy and Rogodeter are sent unconscious. Selina and Eldain discover that spells and items don’t seem to work in the room, and after Eldain discovers that there is absolutely nothing in the room (and that once the creatures are “killed,” a new one takes its place), the party finally decides to leave the room. The creatures do not follow but instead vanish after a few minutes.

When the party goes back the other way, they are all separated by a sectioned, moving corridor. Once past their own little paths o’ fun, they enter a smaller room with a circular door at the end. Eldain, Selina, and Ciro go ethereal and bypass the door (Ciro just stays in the wall). Tanis has fun with the buttons next to the circular “door,” who gets some random spell effects (one beams sunlight directly onto him) before hitting the correct button, which stops the large fan that had been whirring in the circular “door.” Eldain, Selina, and Tanis, upon moving into the next room (and every time they move into the room), seem to forget that they had even entered the room, which causes some confusion (and hilarity for the GM).

When Eldain and Selina try to take books from the shelves in the last room, they are attacked by four ghosts, which promptly render Selina unable to do anything; Eldain teleports away. At some point, a spontaneous Comet goes off, but only Tanis is slightly injured. The party, really freaked out by this point, flees.

EXP: 3000

Notable Events: Eldain loses one point of will for being the only person to take something out of the Sanctuary. Morid gets better…with a twist.

Noteworthy Postgame Events