January 22, 2005

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
Tyndracha Navarre (Aerodrako auger/inventor extraordinaire. Dangerous only when bored.)
Eldain (Ask about my new methods of avoiding those troublesome spells!)
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)


Adventurers needed to aquire an Item. Meet Andrew at the Stopover Inn at noon.

Plot Synopsis

The group meets with a tall thin man named Andrew at the appropriate time. He explains that he needs them to recover a Cup for him. It was last known to belong to an adventurer named Zed who retired to a town off world a long while ago. He offers to pay them 200sp to go to investigate and bring back any info they found. If the cup is recovered, he offers them unspecified additional payment. He tells them they will have to leave immediately as another person named Amanda is also looking for the cup. He is unable to join them as he has very pressing bussiness elsewhere at the same time.

The party heads off and arrives at the town after two days of uneventful travel. Eldain, Dom, and Kulov rent the remaining rooms in the inn. Dom goes to investigate "The Happy Unicorn" which is a tavern/brothel near the inn. Kulov and Roy go to "Sparky's" another bar down the road. Tyn, Darnell and Eldain go shopping in the market place.

After failing to find out much about Zed, the party regroups and heads to Old Zed's Place up on the hill. It has been long abandoned and the party enters, a bit wary. Darnell puts in earplugs and flies to the upper story. The group hears noises from upstairs. Darnell enters through the window and a rock flies past him. He tackles the attacker and Suspend Times him. Two more people run down the stairs screaming only to encounter the rest of the party. They quickly realize that there are only a few children playing in the house and Darnell proceeds to paralyze each one and stacks them against the wall. Searching the house reveals nothing.

Roy goes to check the local Enclave for Records on Zed and Kulov heads to town hall. The Torite on duty doesn't believe Roy's claim to be a "new Torite" and sends him on his way. Kulov meets an unpleasant clerk who tells him to come back tomorrow.

The next day and several bribes later, Kulov finds out the Zed had a daughter who seems to have moved out of town years ago. The party goes about searching ineffectually around town, except for Eldain. He goes to the library and strikes up a conversation with Tracey, the Librarian. She invites him home for lunch and he accepts. Once to her home, she proceeds to cast a spell at Eldain who then flees the house.

Roy heads to the Town hall around noon and after a few more bribes finds out that Zed grand daughter still lives in town and another woman matching Amanda's description was in a few hours earlier looking for the same information. He bolts to the library to meet Darnell and Eldain. As this is going on, Darnell and Eldain confront Tracey to find out what is going on. She confesses to being a priestess of Scrogg and appologizes profussly as she misinterpretted Eldain's intentions. She then proceeds to scold Roy for his "crude" behavior as he burst into the building yelling.

The party regroups and tracks down Amanda who has left town with the Cup and some other heir looms from Zed's Granddaughter. After a short combat she is captured. They return to the Stopover Inn and meet with Andrew and after much argueing and near combat, they turn over the cup and are paid.

Experience: 2500

Postworthy Notes: Eldain finds a renewed love "reading"

Noteworthy Postgame Events