January 15, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
Eldain (Ask about my new methods of avoiding those troublesome spells!)
Galiena (Hey, hands off, or I'll add you to the list...)
Ed - Old man from an island in the Rhine Archepale
Shadowy Figure - Unidentified Nasty Thing


Adventurers needed to aquire an Item. Meet Andrew at the Stopover Inn at noon.

Plot Synopsis

Eldain awakens, finding that he has randomly mutated during the night. He promptly leaves his room at the CMG looking for some work. The three adventurers meet with a man named Ed who lives in a village on an island about two day sail from Centralia City. He tells them that a few days ago his wife and daughter were found dead in their home, ripped limb from limb. There were several other attacks in the weeks previous and he has come to the main island to look for help. The adventures agree to assist the old man and decline payment.

As the leave the building, Hawke notices a person who seems to be tailing them. He attempts to follow the person but quickly loses him in a crowd. After some consultation for directions to the island, Eldain conjures an Aerodrako for them to ride reducing their travel time to only a few hours. Upon arriving, the rather windswept party meets with the Elder of the town. He is glad they have arrived so quickly as there was another attack after Ed left. The victims were two children who, despite grave warnings, were playing off by themselves.

The party begins with the assumption that this is some dangerous animal and goes to investigate the most recent attack. Hawk a set of foot prints leading from the woods to the scene, and back to the woods. He leads the party, following the tracks. Eldain leaves his shadow drako parked at the edge of the woods and proceedes to use his mighty 400lb lizard abilty of "stomping through the woods" to make a tremedous amount of noise. Galina desides singing children's songs might lure the beast out.

After awhile of searching, they find two fireballs as they envelope the party. Eldain, burtst into flames, and manages to spot the tracers coming from two seperate trees within seconds of each other. Galina and Hawke take off running in opposite directions to get clear of the flaming lizard target. Eldain returns fire into the trees. Although emolated, he is not spared from the lightning bolt that hits him. At this point he notices a dark shape in the tree where the lightning bolt originated. Impressivly, he shoots a Ruby Death at the person, who fails to dodge the beam. Despite his efforts, the person does not drop and lightning bolts again. Unfortunately for Eldain, his Emolate ends and he is hit with another Fireball, killing him. Orus responds to Eldain's call for help and in exchange for saving Eldain's life, he requires that Eldain give up the thing that was most dear to him. Eldain finds himself alive with no Elemental Units but some extra DP.

Hawke thinks he is hiden under a bush, while Galina becomes invisible and tries to outflank the attackers. She descides thats a bad idea as Eldain comes charging past her calling to the drako to come get him. They both run out of the forrest. Hawke comes out of hiding and narrowly avoids being seen by a dark human figure. He sneaks away and the party reforms outside of the forest.

The group now assumes that they are dealing with a pissed of hirudo fire mage. The talk to the Elder again and he seems very worried. Based off the adventurer's somewhat random and contradicting advice, safety precautions are taken and many of the townsfolk who live at the edges of town sleep in the meeting hall for extra protection. The party sleeps in the Elder's house near the Hall, as as watches are posted to wake the adventurers at the first sign of danger. Hawke and Eldain sleep in the master bedroom while Galina shuts herself up in the room's closet for some privacy.

Eldain is awoken in the night by a happy sounding female voice in his ear. He sees a black shape move through the wall towards the meeting hall. He runs to the window shouting for everyone to get out of the Hall immediately. As he finishes his warning, a large fireball goes off in the Hall, killing most of the people sheltered inside. Eldain and Hawke rush outside to try to confront the threat. Galina rouses from her sleep and desides if going to get fireballed to death is a good idea. Hawke and Eldain find themselves face to face with a shadowy figure. They are both lightning bolted and Hawke dies, calling to Isis for aid. Unfortunatly, Isis' death was currently preventing her from answering calls and none of the other god's seemed interested in his plight. Eldain manages to get off a Suncall. To his surprise, he gets an impressed "wow" from the figure. Eldain uses that moment of pause to run for his life. He manages to get to the ocean and swims away. Galina, hearing the lightning bolt becomes invisible and flies out of the window towards the few fishing vessles. She unmoors a boat and drifts away in it, trying to navigate into the path of an expected cargo ship.

The ship arrives on schedule and brings her aboard. Upon getting her warning and confirming the attacks through a spyglass, the ship turns around and heads back to their nearest port to get help. After some invistigation of the ship, crew and passengers, no hirudo was discovered on board. Galina overhears a sailor telling the Cefo, in Haooge, that one passenger seems to be missing. She disembarks and goes home. Eldain eventually rests enough to conjure another Shadow mount to take him home as well.

Postgame noteworthy events:

As usual, the party turns a bad situation even worse.

Noteworthy Postgame Events