January 08, 2005

Game Master
Ian Seelbach
Barry (Hmm... You don't look so well. Would you prefer burial or cremation?)
Jennifer (If it's a mutate that is worth having, then I have it or can do it.)
Sotara (My sword talks to me...I swear it!!!)
King Lycurgus of Lakdamon


Adventurers needed for testing of an enemy. Combat experience would be useful. Contact Fresnel and Lycurgus at the Stopover Inn at noon.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers are met by Lycurgus, with a complement of guards, and a very non-blue Fresnel. It is explained to the party that King Lycurgus. sword that has been passed down to him along family lines for a hundred generations is legendary for its ability to kill a certain type of evil creature that has recently been plaguing the missions Fresnel has been sending people on. These creatures, servants of an extradimensional goddess trying to invade this plane of existence, are exceedingly difficult to kill, for even when they are felled, they are often only recuperating and will arise soon after. During the last attempt of this goddess to invade the realm in which Jaern lies over a thousand years ago, Lycurgus. ancestor became a hero with this sword, slaying the goddess. soldiers by the hundreds. After examination, Fresnel cannot determine what makes this sword, a greatsword made of obsidian and protected by a few, rather ordinary enchantments, so special. The party is to escort Lycurgus in an attack against a distant base of these creatures, in order to test the sword and to find any other weaknesses these creatures may have.

Lycurgus and a pair of his best guards go with the party through a portal to a cold, seemingly empty world. After a brief walk, they reach a forest and after traveling through it a while spy down a hill a fortress. Lycurgus says that the fortress matches the description of the base. Setting up a camp in the forest as their rendezvous, the party sneaks down to the base under cover of darkness. Sneaking along the side of the outer wall, a couple adventurers begin to scale the wall when they are surprised when numerous of the creatures (white skin, strange heads, burning blue eyes wielding blades of ice) jump down from above, attempting to impale the party. The creatures do not appear hurt from their fall, and then more of these creatures grab party members. feet from underground. A small battle erupts, ending with many of the creatures fallen and the party retreating to their rendezvous. They stop there to rest and rethink their manner of attack.

During the night, those on watch are taken down rather quickly as a large number of the creatures begin coming out of the trees. More approach from the fortress below along with a thin red-headed mage, who jump into the battle. The party sustains a large amount of damage, and many of the more hurt party members run off to get their unconscious friends to safety, eventually leaving only Lycurgus, his guards, Logan, and Jenny facing the remaining hordes. After sustaining much damage himself, the red-headed mage escapes and the party manages to finish their remaining foes, though only a Soul Hold is keeping Logan together. Jenny detects souls, and notices that the souls of the fallen creatures, except for the ones Lycurgus killed, appear to still be hanging around, waiting. She Delivers one, who disappears, only to apparently return some time later. Disturbed, the remaining party members head home. Lycurgus, having now used the sword against some of the creatures, thinks he may know the answer, but will need more time to figure out why exactly it works so well (during the battle, it seemed to burn through the creatures, though none of the enchantments upon it would indicate that ability). The party also learned that fire magics, though incapable of destroying the creatures in the same way, did take them down faster. Fresnel is somewhat satisfied with their results, and pays them accordingly.

Noteworthy Postgame Events