January 01, 2005

Game Master
Craig Brown
D'leyna Ciedrith (Mini tank/lawnmower, famous for her omnipresent golf bag o' weapons.)
Selina (must play with yarn ball...)
Roan (Air Mage Extraordinaire...or something like that.)
Mogradin (Deathknight of Anubis)
Fred (He hates everything!)
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)


Mission specialists requested to assess and/or disable an off-world threat

Plot Synopsis

A man named Cameron has hired the group to go to another world and investigate the truth and extent of a rumor he's been told. There isn't much known about the world to which the characters are going, and there isn' t any specific knowledge of the potential threat.

The characters negotiate a price, and gather what meager facts that they can, and proceed to ask Cameron to allow them a bit of time to prepare for their mission. Cameron agrees, and Dom, Fred, and Mogradin travel to the Centralia Guild of Wizzards for some spell casting. They each incur a debt of 28 EU/DU to the Guild in exchange for a Phantasmal Water: Transmogrify to be cast upon them. When they return, they signal Cameron to activate the transportation device that will take them to the off-world city. The characters wander around a bit, checking out various points marked important on the map Cameron gave them.

First, the group checks out the local Museum of Art. They find various paintings, statues, tapestries, and artifacts that depict the history of the local culture.

D'leyna and Selina visit the largest structure on the map - the Temple. They go inside, making the appropriate motions, and have a look around. As they make their way back out, they are stopped by guards and taken to a separate room. There, they are questioned, and released with instructions to leave. They return to the party.

Mogradin goes back to where Cameron is hiding to confront him about some missing or misinterpreted facts. Cameron doesn't seem to know any more then before.

The group travels to the Marketplace, where much is happening. D'leyna is noticed again by guards, this time by some sort of sense that they had. They chase her through the streets of the city, but she manages to lose them. She returns to the group, and searches her clothing. She finds a small disk hidden in the folds of her clothes. Upon further search, they find a similar disk on Selina's person as well. Both disks are judiciously relocated to the local citizenry.

Dom recognizes a figure upon returning to the Temple area. There is a priest visiting the city that Dom has seen before - only a few weeks ago on a previous mission. Dom relates this info. Combined with the other investigations of the day, they decide to return to Cameron and go home.

They collect their pay, then capture and torture Cameron to get more info. It seems that Cameron has been a bit deceptive, and that he works for someone named Bart. It seems that Bart is ready to open a resort casino in the town of Fordshire, on Lojem. (Grand Opening 9-1-10044, for those interested.) Bart seems to believe that the threat mentioned is for him personally, rather than Lojem as a whole. What Cameron doesn't seem to know, though, is why Bart thinks there is a threat from these people.

The group take their booty and return home, generally unsatisfied,

Noteworthy Postgame Events