November 05, 2005

Game Master
Bob Richey
Mara (Shiny things are part of Neptune's Glory)


Mara believes she has found "Neptune's Glory"

Plot Synopsis

After several years of searching for "Neptune's Glory," Mara believes she
has found it. She comes up with a plan to bring this glory back to Jearn,
but due to her reputation, few Neptunites are willing to help her.
Undetered, Mara rounds up a group of Mercenaries.

Mara and group travel through her portal, and with Darnell's help, are
quickly cruising 80 mph by Shadow Mount. The group rendevous with the
supply ship Mara sent out a few weeks before. They find that a preliminary
survey of the ocean floor has been completed. No buildings have been found,
but many large anomalous mounds dot the ocean floor.

Several of the group swim down and begin excavations. They find openings
into several buried buildings. They are heavily damaged but intact. They
find nothing in the buildings except silt that has poured into the rooms.
Mara eventually uncovers a collasped tower which they assum to be a

After quite a while, a Natatorium is uncovered and Mara swims in. Several
ghostly figures are seen wandering thoughout the temple. Mara descides tolast Rite each spirit rather than risking a fight. They eventually pass on
to Neptune.

After more excavating, a Large Trident is uncovered on the wall.
Witchsmeller reveals the block in the wall below it to be an artifact. It
is carefully removed and the group returns back to Jearn.

Mara and Darnell arrange to have a team go back to further excavate the
city, hoping they will find more clues as to the location of other sources
of "Neptune's Glory"

Exp 2500
Payment - As negotiated

Noteworthy Postgame Events