June 19, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Bob Richey
Random Adventurers


Persons needed to help resolve a family conflict.

Plot Synopsis

The party meets Mark at the Rondo "Mountain Dew" and are told that his daughter has recently run off with a man of whom he and his wife do not approve. Despite their repeated interventions, she insists on seeing this man, who, to make things worse, is a priest of Scrog. They want the group to retrieve their daughter and "send a message" to the scroggite. Payment is negotiated, and the group gets underway.

The reach the town the two are staying at. They proceed to split up and threaten various people to find out which house they need. They run afoul the town constable who is quickly dispachted by 400 pounds of angry rhino.

The groups effort to forwarn their target was effective and they find that both he and the girl fled off into the woods. After several sleep bombards and paralyzes, most of the party is knocked out. The remaining group eventually overtakes the priest and restrain him excessively.

They leave the priest nailed in a coffin on the town's main street and return to the rondo with the girl. They are paid approximately 100sp for their efforts.

Noteworthy Postgame Events