June 25, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Selina (must play with yarn ball...)


People needed to stop a blockade. If willing and able to assist please contact Demeter, he will be at Accelor Shots at 130pm.

Plot Synopsis

Demeter is thrilled to see all the new faces that have come to assist him. After some idle chatter he gets on to business. He needs three boats that are blockading an island removed. He does not want the boats just destroyed; he would prefer them captured. His payment offered was 150sp. Some of the party agrees to this and some of the party wishes to negotiate. (Un)fortunately this topic gets pushed aside to more pressing matters like when they are leaving or if they can have looting rights. Very little actually gets agreed to before they get underway. On the trip Ald-Er trying several times to renegotiate payment as well as the purpose of the blockade, but he is constantly interrupted by party members making far more bizarre statements/inquires, such as .poo. and its use as a weapon.

Once they arrive Selina goes for a look see. (Un)fortunately she sticks her head into the wrong cabin and gets removed from the rest of the mission. When the cat does not come back the party starts to make other plans. While this is going on Ald-Er decides to do his own scouting. Soon he finds himself captured as well as a better deal, but no more wiser as to the purpose of this blockade. Ald-Er heads back to the boat

Once he returns with his new information for the party, Durgoth enmasses and takes Xolu in his arms. They then proceed to head towards the blockade. When they are a few hundred feet away from their ship Durgoth finds his lower half encased in ice. Xolu decides this is the best point to take a nap and succumbs to a witchysleep. After many more spells both Durgoth and Xolu are captured.

Back that the boat Ald-Er decides to go scouting once again. He finds what he is looking for and returns to their ship. The rest of the party then decides to leave as more giant ice cubes appear.

The remaining party members are paid a lesser amount for travel.

Post game events
Selina.s lack of solidness keeps her from being presently captured
Durgoth is offered a deal, outcome to be determined
Xolu shows off his unique abilities, at which his guard panics and kills him.

Noteworthy Postgame Events