July 02, 2005

Game Master
Craig Brown
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Guy Incognito


Individuals willing to serve as protective escort, to retrieve a young soldier and return him home safely. Ask for Ezmar at the Tanked Fish, Rougtero.

Plot Synopsis

Ezmar wants someone to go find his son, Elam. The young man left home two years ago without proper preparations to seek his own fortune. Recently, Ezmar received a note from Elam, explaining that Elam was a soldier in an army, and that he didn't want to be any longer. Money was offered, and transportation was provided.

The island of Umbotu lies to the northwest of Lojem, about five days travel. It is roughly one-third the size of Lojem, and is being conquered by the Army of the New Order led by Emperor Mubarr.

The party arrives, and is met by an attack skiff 2 ½ mets from the beach. They ask about Elam under the story of a death in the family, but the lead man hasn't heard of the young man. He accepts a 'locator fee' to go and retrieve Elam, should they run across him.

After two days, and at least one report from their skiff-leader that Elam hasn't been found, the party decides to hit the beach. They copy a few uniform parts and row to shore west of the main encampment. They enter the only city on the island only to find a group of soldiers abusing the local citizens. The party quickly dispatches the group of errant brutes, and discovers a strange, ethereal creature that the party believes is taking the souls of the deceased. They leave the creature alone, and continue their mission.

They gain information that places Elam at the mine, on the north end of the island.

The party heads off to the mine, bypassing the main road which is obviously occupied by some kind of caravan. They search the mining camp to gather information on Elam. Other scullions tell the group that Elam has been taken south, with the caravan.

The party huffs it after the caravan, and pulls Elam aside. No further incident impedes their return. They leave for home, making the five day trip without interruption.

Ezmar is happy to see his son alive and unhurt, and pays the group for their efforts.

As they enter the dock district in Rougtero ( on 2-7-46 ) Dena is suddenly Paralyzed and drug into an alley. She is accosted by four figures in plain gray robes who proceed to remove her horn with a hacksaw and leave her. They take nothing else. No clue is left behind as to their identities.

Noteworthy Postgame Events