July 23, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Preston Wiley
Kira Jackson
Cal Tepiv (If it is your time to die, that you shall. If you need assistance please feel free to attack.)
Mr. Flannigen


Adventurers requested to investigate the disappearence of a friend. See Davis at "The Inn" in Gendel at 4pm for more details.

Plot Synopsis

The players show up at "The Inn" and meet Davis. Davis explains that a friend of his, Jules, was travelling to Rougtero to see his family two weeks ago and his family reported that he never showed up. He's willing to pay 500 silver to each person for information on his whereabouts, or his return. He says he did some preliminary investigations and doesn't think he made it to the entrance to elf territory.

The party set off to the first village and stay at the inn there. They question a few people at the inn and they say that Jules was indeed there and left in the morning. They sleep and move on in the morning. On the way to the next town, they come across two men hobbling along the road. They ask what happened and they mention something about a large squirrel attacking them. The party verifies this story through magical means and attempts to find the location they were attacked. They are quickly attacked by a large squirrel (3 times larger then a normal squirrel) and quickly toss it into a bush.

They opt to head to the next town to make sure that Jules wasn't there. They talk to some people at the two inns in town, along with some people at the town well and a shop keeper and none of them can remember seeing Jules. The party then heads back to the location they found the large squirrel. Cal proceeds to trap one in his net and Kira casts a few spells to find out where the squirrel takes bodies. They find a large cave.

Entering the cave, they must get through many forfend style wardings. Cal also sees a number of squirrel shapes ahead and warns the party. Stepen creates a few flame creatures that proceed to kill a few squirrels before getting destroyed. They then toss an oil flask into the center of the group and light up the squirrels. They continue through the cave, though more wardings, and they hear a grinding noise and then see a glow from a room up ahead.

Looking in the room, they see two demons, a large 8' tall demon and a short 5' tall demon. They also see a man sharpening a sword with a daze on his face and a glowing pool in the corner. A spell gets cast into the room with no effect. A fight ensues and Stepen quickly is dazed by the small demon after getting a few hits on it. Cal has lots of trouble hitting the large demon and the large demon has trouble hitting Cal. Kira goes after the small demon and the demon ends up banishing himself as Kira resists its gaze. This takes both Stepen and the other man in the room out of their daze. Lots of swinging and plenty of critical hits by Stephen and missing by Cal and the large demon is defeated.

The man in the room trys to recall things from the daze and remembers the demons putting people into the pool. Cal tosses part of his net into the pool and when he pulls it out, it is disinegrated. A sword is put in and it comes out rusted. Glass is put in and nothing appears to happen to it. They take some of this liquid into a flask and pour it on another sword and nothing happens. After this experiment is over, they leave the room and explore more of the cave finding many normal sized squirrels throughout.

Eventually, they meet back up with Davis and explain the fate of Jules, being put into the pool, and he accepts this. He pays them and thanks them for finding out what happened to him and says he will inform his family.

Noteworthy Postgame Events