July 30, 2005

Game Master


The Children of Wilson Island have gone mad with power! Help them! Come see Clarence at the One-Eyed Jack. I can promise you a reward from the town. Meet at 6pm.

Plot Synopsis

The party meets Clarence who explains that the children on Wilson Island were all taught Minibolt by The Traveller, a travelling mage. This was supposed to be an insurance policy against pirate attacks, but the kids started to rebel against their parents with their new powers. Children refused to obey their parents and when they were punished, they struck back with Minibolts that were sometimes fatal. The town fell under a sort of mob rule by the children and Clarence says he was fortunate to escape. He says that Wilson Island is a very small fishing island that had about 25 kids alive when he left.

He wants the party to stop the madness and restore order somehow. He doesn't have any money, but he knows where one family on the island has hidden a chest of gold coins and promises to tell the adventures where it is. The party hires The Floating Dwarf to sail them out to Wilson Island.

The Floating Dwarf spots Wilson Island on the second day of travel and the party waits until night to land in a long boat. They see bonfires burning and the village looks deserted. There is a sign on the pier that says "Welcome to Wilson Island", but it has been crossed out and painted over to read "Welcome to Ghoulie Town". It is decorated by a few rotting heads.

A short ways into the village, the adventurers are attacked by some kids who shout "Ghoulies Attack!". Sonosuke kills several of them and catches one that tries to run off. They ask him to take them to the leader of the Ghoulies. They mention that they might teach the Ghoulies more magic and the kid agrees. The kid leads them to Rick's house since he's strongest Ghoulie. Rick appears after Halima casts Lamp to demonstrate that she is a mage that can teach them new magic. Rick appears to be in his late twenties, but he claims to be 12. He speaks like a child of that age and says he just "got big one day" about a week ago. Rick calls out to the Ghoulies to meet up so they can talk to the adventurers.

The Ghoulies are very eager to learn new spells so they can attack the other children on the island. There is a smaller group of kids who have barricaded themselves into some houses on higher ground. They have food that the starving Ghoulies badly need. Halima asks them what they will do after that food runs out. They say they will become pirates and steal food from other people and take their money. Halima warns them that this is the path to death because there are always people stronger than you. Eventually you will run into someone that will kill you.

Halima seems to be making progress with the kids and they move closer to hear her talk. This allows Halima to notice several of the kids have bite marks on their necks. Halima casts Detect Divinity and sees one of the girls glow.

Halima casts Divine Word to make all Hirudo cover their eyes and mouth. The girl covers her eyes and mouth and makes an incredible leap backwards over a house and flees. Dena is able to keep up with her leaping and crashing though town while Sonosuke, Halima and the Ghoulies follow a little further back. The Hirodo runs for the barricaded part of the village and crashes though it. Dena is right on her heels though and impales her though the lungs, tuning her to dust.

Dena is assaulted with Minibolts from the kids inside the barricade and tries to escape but is zapped unconscious.

The Ghoulies sweep in, but before any more killing starts, Halima Divine Words to "stop fighting". The Ghoulies head for the food and the party decides that everyone is going to have to leave the island as only a few adults were left alive. Halima explains that the Hirudo girl and The Traveller were the same person. She taught Minibolt to the kids to create chaos on the island. Sonosuke tells the kids they can learn "Elf Magic" back at the Stockade to convince them to come along willingly.

Sonosuke heads out to the Floating Dwarf and asks the Cefo if he can take on some more passengers. He is reluctant to bring a bunch of psychotic magelings on board, but Sonosuke offers 100 silver a head. Clarence tells Sonosuke where to find the gold.

Dena digs up the gold and everyone boards The Floating Dwarf. Back in Rougtero, the party marches the kids thought town to the Stockade. They are very excited to learn "Elf Magic". When the gate closes behind them, Sonosuke orders them all arrested. A few Tor'ites get Minibolted, but all the kids are caught. The Tor'rite council at the Stockade sees there is a good chance at redemption for the kids and many of them are sent to various temples (Tor'ite Stockade, Solarium, The Grove) for religious instruction.

Noteworthy Postgame Events