October 01, 2005

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Trina (Illusions)


Adventurers needed to help deal with a band of marauders. Meet at the Dancing Draco at noon. Ask for Mr. Sprinkles.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers arrive at various times at the Dancing Draco, asking about the whereabouts of their employer, and are directed back to room 4. The bartender mutters a few comments about how that guy ‘was a weird one’. They arrive at the meeting room to find a short figure, wearing a cowled robe sitting in the room. A faintly sugary smell is noticed by several party members. After a bit of prodding, the employer reveals himself as a cookie-man, stating that the world he comes from is imbued with an abundance of sweetness. Various unusual plans for eating the employer are mentally considered, but he states that number of the people from Gingerbread Town have ‘gone bad’ and started conducting random raids on the villagers. He offers a payment of 300 silver per person for the ridding of the ones who have ‘gone bad’. The payment is agreed upon, and he leads the party through the portal farm to an outlying building. Inside is a portal that has the swirling appearance of a peppermint, and it smells as such. Various attempts are made to lick the portal, and Mr. Sprinkles starts to wonder of these people are the sharpest knives in the drawer. Eventually, everyone gets through. The land on the other side is made of various forms of sweets, and immediately some party members attempt to ascertain what is edible by sampling it, and bits of trees, dirt, and rocks are sampled. Trina tries to get Mr. Sprinkles into a discussion on cookie-man biology, with some slightly disturbing results. Dena asks what god they follow, and is told that they follow the teachings of the Muffin Man. Dena then attempts to summon divine intervention from the Muffin Man, who is apparently having a bad day and places some sort of muffin head curse on Dena. Trina attempts to eat some of her fellow adventurer’s head.

Once the basics are taken care of, Mr. Sprinkles instructs the group that if they follow the road north for a day or two into the mountains, they will find the marauder’s hideout. They depart, traveling through a cinnamon forest, pausing to hunt down some of the local marshmallow stuffed fowl. They camp the night in the forest, which passes uneventfully, except for the chocolate squirrel who chucks hard candy at one of the watches, only to be efficiently melted.

They continue on the next morning, crossing a bridge over a river, and begin moving into the mountains. They encounter two large chocolate rabbit totems that come to life and attack. Cricca does one in by tearing its head off and feasting on its chocolate flesh, while the other is stabbed and melted several times before succumbing. They press on, eventually reaching a wide valley, and a possible cave on the other side. The cave is scouted, and it is determined that three cookie-men are guarding the entrance. Trina approaches first as a distraction, and then the rest of the group kills the three men, though several stabs with candy spears are dealt out and a sugar/soda grenade is set off.

Inside the cave, they encounter several more cookie-men, as well as melty marshmallow blobs that toss parts of themselves at the group. A fireball is set off, and the party swiftly deals with the cave’s occupants. After searching the area, the party returns to Gingerbread Town, where they are paid, and return to Jaern through the portal.

Payment: 300 sp
Experience: 2700 exp

Notable events:

Erdan experiments with the properties of marshmallow chicken souls.
Dena has some unusual pastry-related head problems.

Noteworthy Postgame Events