December 11, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Ian Seelbach
Selina (must play with yarn ball...)


Like, I really need help again! Totally, so like, meet me at the Stopover Inn around lunch, or whatever, in room 3.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers meet up again with Denise, the young girl from the Plane of Mall that some of them had helped get home once before. This time, she explains to them that all the portals to her home plane have been put under siege, preventing any supplies and merchant traders from getting through. Since her people are generally non-violent, they have been unable to break the siege, but did manage to sneak her across to get help. After debating things for a while, the party agrees to help and the group of them sets off.

The trip takes a few days, and passes uneventfully. When they get near to where the troops are blockading the portals, Selina scouts ahead. She discovers there to be approximately 30 guards, all appearing rather worn and beaten, here and there in the camp ahead, and gets a great layout of the camp. While the party then debates what to do, Nu-Maru wanders off and has fun with forest animals. The rest of the party decides to follow Selina's plan of action, which is for her to defer Enmasses for all of them and attack that way. They do this, and charge the camp. Nu-Maru, who was at this point talking to a Shadow Servant after having taken to the top of a tree to avoid distant wolves, sees the three of them becoming giants, and decides to rejoin them.

The attack on the camp becomes a slaughter, as most of the guards simply run off at the approach of the trio of giant adventurers. A few braver, more confident ones stay to fight, including a pair of mages who start throwing Lightning Bolts and Fireballs. They are quickly scooped up by the adventurers, but one of them tries to overload for a spell, and ends up turning into a bird. He almost escapes, but is soon retaken. Nu-Maru arrives in time to help with the clean-up of straggling warriors. The camp is secured with ease, and they are able to take out enough of the fleeing people that they go through to the Mall and inform them that they are free again.

After collecting a few Earthboned creatures and persons, the party goes home and collects their reward.

Noteworthy Postgame Events