November 13, 2022

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Unnamed Warrior


A quick adventure through Hell with an unexpected ally.

Plot Synopsis

The party engages in a brief skirmish with Gloria Valan, who summarily defeats them. When they demand to talk, she opens a portal to the 3rd layer of the Beneath and tells them to talk there. Crow-child is intrigued by the flora around and asks Gloria several questions, and the two of them fly up to the canopy, only to be blinded by the flaming light sources there. Gloria reveals her identity as a Boatman and explains the oppression she faces in Fulgoro. From this point onwards, the party is mostly friendly with her.

Gloria cannot take the party back to Fulgoro for four hours, so they pass the time walking through the 3rd Layer and locating some of the fallen temples. In a bid to find more information about Rudri, all but Crow-child, who has chosen the name Kaspar, go inside that temple. Within they find three emaciated, mummified-looking fallen priests who murmur about law and the three Fallen Servitors of Rudri. With no reason to dislike the party, they allow them to read the scrolls held in the top of their temple, as long as the scrolls are not taken away. The scrolls are written in Demonic, and Kaspar (with his limited knowledge of Divinic) manages to decipher a couple words. Unsatisfied, they pull some psionic hijinks and extract the knowledge from one of the fallen priests’ memories, learning that Barbatos is Rudri’s fallen servitor and that the mural depicting her in a positive light was in fact propaganda set out by the Order of the White Night.

The party debates the best course of action, eventually deciding on unifying the populace of Fulgoro against Barbatos and the Order. Kaspar psionically creates a prototype of a stirring political pamphlet, and upon their return to Fulgoro, the party prints many copies and distributes them around town in the night. Come next morning, the town is in a frenzy of revolution, with the changeling impersonating Rozburgis also having revealed her true form to the townspeople. Offended by the notion of losing her worshippers, Barbatos tears her way into Jaern, threatening the party and promising to simply burn the town down and start again. Pursued by the Order, the party retreats into the swamp, where Samarah leads them to Gloria’s house. They regroup in the 2nd layer of the Beneath to form a new anti-Barbatos plan.

Noteworthy Postgame Events