November 05, 2022

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The party infiltrates and investigates the Temple of Stars, and also robs a bank.

Plot Synopsis

After speaking with the changeling impersonating Mayor Rozburgis, the party decides to scope out the Temple of Stars the next day. Taking advantage of the low amount of people inside in the early morning, they break into the second floor of the temple and root through High Priest Ambrose’s room and “office”, finding a design for a summoning circle and an incantation containing Barbatos’ true name: Althea. The cultists arrive back in the middle of this discovery, however, and realize something is off. Just as they storm onto the second floor, the party escapes out a window and retreats to the woods, where they regroup.

Seeing a trail of blood, they follow it and briefly investigate a small cave, within which is a decimated coven of Hirudo which cower in fear upon encountering the party and tell them that the Order has been hunting them ruthlessly despite their promises not to harm the living. Convinced that the Order is up to no good and in fact quite hypocritical, Kriv returns to the Temple and confronts Ambrose. Offended, Ambrose has Kriv thrown out of the temple.

The party comes up with a plan to expose the cult to the city, and speaks to “Mayor Rozburgis”. The changeling tells them that they will work with the party as long as they get their payment: they’re owed 2,500 gold from the cult. Kriv and Misty manage to rob the Fulgoro bank, while “Splooshy”, Tux, and Jordan tail some bank tellers out to the Blooming Dogwood tavern, where they meet Gloria Valan, second in command of the Boatmen. Jordan asks her some intrusive questions, which amuse her, but “Splooshy” decides to aggravate her with an attack. The session ends as she retaliates.

Noteworthy Postgame Events