October 29, 2022

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Game Master
Crow Child


The party conducts some research into the dark magic behind the curse of the Fulgoro cemetery.

Plot Synopsis

The party is slipped a note from Samarah giving hints about where to go within the town. To figure out the situation behind the zombies in the barrow, they go to the Fulgoro library and look for books regarding necromancy. They have little success, as it seems the best material is locked away in the restricted section. In an attempt to break through the wall, “Splooshy” tests his strength against the outer wall, attracting the librarian’s attention. They get into an argument, and Kriv arrives outside just in time for “Splooshy” to hit the librarian over the head with an orb and kill her. He throws the body in a trash can, then pursues a drunken witness who calls the guards. “Splooshy” is summarily arrested and thrown in prison.
The rest of the party then continues investigating the restricted section, finding a mural that tells the story of Barbatos in a propagandized manner, as well as books on necromancy. The most notable find is a book which contains a code to the script often used by summoners: one that is derived from Divinic/Demonic script. Barbatos speaks to Kriv and Tethys, offering to resurrect the librarian in exchange for fealty. Kriv outright refuses, but Tethys agrees after speaking to the librarian’s grieving husband and young child. The librarian is resurrected and returns to her family, and the party gets “Splooshy” out of jail.
They then speak to the mayor, using Crow Child’s psionic abilities and identity as… a literal child that says stupid things to reveal Rozburgis to be a changeling. The changeling explains that she is only doing this because the Order killed the real mayor, and is paying her a sum of 5000 gold to impersonate the mayor for 3 years and pass laws that work in favor of the Order obtaining absolute control over the town. She points the party to Nasir Ambrose, the high priest of the Order, as her hirer. The party then leaves her alone.

Noteworthy Postgame Events