October 08, 2022

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The Order of the White Night's tournament is beginning soon. As the party arrives in Fulgoro, what waits for them?

Plot Synopsis

Party sets off from Vesuna and arrives at Fulgoro, exploring the town a little and then going to sign in for the Order of the White Night’s monster hunting tournament. Kriv has an encounter with what seems like a small, androgynous child in the forest. This figure is in fact a Boatman named Samarah. They go ahead and go into the woods, proceeding to fight several monsters before coming across Saoirse Truuward, one of the Order’s leaders, talking with a member of the Golden Seraphim regarding the two cults’ cooperation regarding the Markduk siren. After interrupting more Order members performing a ritual, they are ambushed by a leshy which kills one of the Order members, but they save the others.

Noteworthy Postgame Events