October 22, 2022

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The tournament is over. The party is free to explore Fulgoro, and find what secrets the Order may be hiding.

Plot Synopsis

After the conclusion of the tournament, the party is praised by the Order and offered a position with them. They say they will consider, but turn it down. Two of the Order members they had met from before, Clyde and Jebediah, come by and “Splooshy” decides to tail one of them to try and pickpocket them. After a situation involving breaking a dock with water magics, Jebediah gets into a fight and knocks “Splooshy” out. The mage is fined for property damage, but tries to dodge the fine even after the party takes a job posted at the Temple of Stars and clears out a barrow full of zombies. In the process, they discover the dead body of mayor Flora Rozburgis, but had just seen the mayor on the way to the barrow. Kriv and Connor’s Marine obtain helpful tools (reanimated skeletal hands).

Noteworthy Postgame Events