April 17, 2004

Game Start Date
Game Master
Preston Wiley
Dom Foran (Have sword will travel.)
Amorphous Bob (T'orite trap detector, extraordinaire!)


A man in Province Landing named Clarence has a good lead on two of the escaped Lock Kylar prisoners. He is willing to share this information for a small share of the reward.

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers turn up one by one at Clarence's door and he waits while people gather. After he believes there is a sufficent number. Clarence says he simply wants 5% of the reward money for the information he is going to give out. Everyone agrees to this and Clarence says that the two people, one was a crazy looking fire mage and the other matches the description of the Hirudo, were headed to Gendle and that they got about a day and a half head start. The fire mage was difficult to miss, so he would be a good person to look for.

The party heads to Gendle and finds a few buildings burnt down and the people give contradictory information, some say the fire mage went toward the docks, others say he took the southern road. Dom questions the portmaster and he says he never saw someone matching the fire mage's description at the docks, so they decide the head south.

The party splits up based on travel speed and Jochser, who had a horse, gets to the next town, a dwarvish village, first. He finds it half burnt down and questions the town folks and they mention a crazy looking fire mage came through and set the town ablaze. He then left on the road to the east. Jochser leaves to the east and asks the townsfolk to tell anyone looking for him where he went. He then gets to the toll booth in elvish territory, but being a citizen of Lentri he doesn't need to pay. He asks the guards if they saw the Fire Mage and they say they didn't and mention that they wouldn't have been around when he probably went through this area. They point him to the guards that were on duty at the time.

Much travel happens and eventually the party meets up at an Inn. They are walking around elvish territory when they spot something in the trees. Jarjin and Fodder charge into the forest as a fireball goes off, getting the fire mage also. Another fireball happens, also getting the fire mage as Dom enters the fight which kills Jarjin and Fodder. Dom grapples the fire mage, but having one hand free he is able to cast a Lightning Bolt, which seems to bounce back at him. Dom pins the fire mage, but through an incredible feat of Verbal Casting, he is able to set off another fireball near his face, which puts Jochser unconcious and kills his horse. Dom, searching for a way to prevent the mage from casting again, shoves his face into the dirt, but isn't able to do anything else without giving up his grapple. Eventually, Helima arrives and casts paralyze until it actually works. They then proceed to punch the mage in the face until he appears to go unconcious.

Dom delivers the Fire Mage to Lock Kylar and recieves the reward money. He distributes all but 500 silver to the party and gives the 500 to Clarence in Province Landing.

Noteworthy Postgame Events