October 15, 2022

Game Master
Justin Piel - Nimbus
Diego Garcia - Krag Flippers
Ethan Colbert - Elerean
Meghan - Isa Devan
Andrew - Ringo


“After discovering Sirens may be causing the missing person cases in Markduk, party must now report back to the wise old wizard and his assistant so they can cast the spell on them and their potential crew to nullify the Serene Sounds (2022)”

Plot Synopsis

The party quickly showed themselves at Luckley Bush’s tower, where they found an active crime scene investigation taking place. The guards were reluctant to let them pass, but allowed them through once they revealed their affiliation with Tetlo Minsk. They examined the area, finding that the teleportation rune and sound rune were both missing. After interrogating Umbra, the party decided to stew around and look for the Golden Seraphim. They went to the Shining Saint for food, where Elerean was forced to eat three meals by Isa, who ate another six on her own. The party slid their way into the Seraphim’s headquarters, finding the upper half of Luckley. Elerean got the coroner, Graves Digger, while the rest of the party took one of the Seraphim members to Umbra’s trial, with Ringo serving as her defense attorney. After much debate and deliberation (and many failed persuasion checks) Ringo, Elerean, and Nimbus sorted enough evidence together to prove Umbra’s innocence. Isa was hungry the entire time, and Krag continued his quest to ensure squatter's rights on the Markduk Natatorium.

Noteworthy Postgame Events