October 08, 2022

Game Master
Justin Piel - Nimbus
Diego Garcia - Krag Flippers
Ethan Colbert - Elerean
Meghan - Isa Devan
Leo - Robert
Andrew - Ringo


"Markduk has never been a great place to live. The pirates that founded this city made sure that it would always be a breeding ground for organised crime and corruption, but in recent times it's only gotten worse. Sailors are going missing, and I'm almost certain that whoever's behind it won't listen to reason, so I need some adventurers to help me find out who they are, and take them down."

Plot Synopsis

The party initially met up with Tetlo Minsk, who gave them a recap on the info they received at the congregation. After stealing his conspiracy board, the party met with a dwarf named Darmos Amimiros. Darmos told his story, where he got drunk and passed out. When he woke up, his crew was entranced so he got the fuck out. A different witness, Akmar Ansing, told his story where the rest of his ship got entranced by a “song” emanating from a strange angler fish that he was incapable of hearing due to his poor hearing. They put together that the song attracted the sailors, and that it was likely some sort of siren based on a very loud shouting match involving a whiteboard. They took the information to Tetlo, who pointed them to the mages Luckley Bush and Umbra Ilaj. Luckley, the Fire Dragon mage allowed them into his home. Elerean had a talk with Umbra while the rest of the party spoke with Luckley. Elerean read Luckley’s notes. On their way out, they were stopped by Golden Seraphim agents. Krag and Nimbus went to the Neptune Temple. Krag decided to vote himself head priest. He’s the only vote because there are no other priests at that temple. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang got pizza. They met back up together and got an inn.

Noteworthy Postgame Events