September 24, 2022

Game Master
Jason - Tom
Diego - Krag Flippers
Justin - Nimbus
Ethan - Elerean
Joey - Arikir
Alejandro - Hex


Jailbreak and Horse Calculus

Plot Synopsis

The party started by waiting for 3 AM. Tom decided to go in entirely alone. He made it into the room by sneaking in through an unlocked window and took a piss. Nimbus heard everything. The party found a different opened window. They went down the stairs to where “Virion” was held. Finding him too polite compared to when they last met him, they went to a large door on the other side of the room. There, they found a giant pool table. The fake Virion tried to get them to leave, but Hex shot them and Nimbus did cool guy shit. Arikir and Tom teamed up in order to push a large marble across a giant pool table. Arikir solved the next puzzle and Tom ran in and backstabbed the man torturing the real Virion.
They killed the man torturing Virion an carried him out. They killed the double and skedaddled as fast as possible. They ran to the carriage with the sounds of screamings in the background. They were chased out of the town into the desert by a group of the Golden Seraphims. Reginald pushed a button, opening up some artillery.
During the combat, a man with a sword named El Diablo kickflipped his horse. After a long combat, and some help from the Bloody-Mary-Banditos, the party was able to chase off the Golden Seraphim.
Upon returning to the Von Nuvelle manor, they were gifted the final bits of gold and awarded commemorative fountains for their efforts.

Noteworthy Postgame Events